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Garage Door Entry Gadgets Ensure Safety

After school, it's common for teenagers and children to come home alone while parents are at work. If they come in through the garage door, there may be some advantages and accessories that can ensure their safety. We'll take a look at some here. Digital Wireless Keypads Digital wireless keypads work like a garage door remote [...]

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Gadgets For Your Garage

Did you know you can buy a parking sensor to help you avoid a garage "fender bender?" Other gadgets for garage parking, door operation, security, and storage are also available and could be helpful to you. Let's take a look at a few. Parking I know I could use some guidance when pulling into our [...]

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Ensuring Your Garage Door Security

I don't know about you, but after a working all day, driving a long commute, and taking out the trash and dog, I've been known to leave the garage door open all night. When I wake up and see it was left open, I always do a quick inventory of items to ensure that none [...]

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Oops – I Drove Through the Garage Door

Kids are dressed and loaded, coffee's in hand, and it's dark and raining out.  You throw it in reverse, focused on dropping everyone off at their appropriate places and keeping that cup of coffee upright, when, CRUNCH!!  Sounds like a ginormous piece of aluminum foil being balled up. You backed into the garage door. Now [...]

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DIY Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Some home maintenance items you can do yourself, but for others you should call an expert. Garage doors are no different. Homeowners who want to save a penny can try these DIY suggestions to help keep their garage door in the best condition for as long as possible. Monthly Visual Check It's smart to do [...]

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Life of a Garage Door

Terratone Carriage Stamp Door Your home is pushing twenty years old and as you're admiring the new roof you replaced last year, you think to yourself: How long is the old, reliable garage door going to last? One of the most important aspects of your home is the garage door. It serves so [...]

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Cleaning and Maintaining Garage Doors

Have you ever noticed a green, slippery mildew growing on your driveway during the summer? We actually had it growing on our garage door! Summer brings beautiful flora, but the hot temperatures and rain are the perfect ingredients for mildew and mold growth. What are some ways to keep your garage door clean during these [...]

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History of the Garage Door

Since I started working for Aaron Overhead Doors, our traditional paneled garage door has earned a new kind of respect! Garage doors have been through many changes over the past 100 years and are one of the most important "needs" for homeowners when purchasing a new home. Here, we'd like to take a look at a brief [...]

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Galvanized Garage Door Springs 101

The work of a garage door spring goes unnoticed, until it doesn't work anymore! It's like your car—you use the engine every day, but until it's out of service, you really don't give it much thought. Garage door springs work hard. According to Popular Mechanics, an average garage door opens and closes 1,500 times a [...]

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Wood Garage Door Advantages and Disadvantages

It's been a long time coming, and finally time to replace your garage door. There are so many options to enhance your home's curb appeal to choose from!  Garage doors are made from many types of materials, including aluminum, steel, fiberglass, vinyl, and wood. Let's explore wood garage doors to see if this is the best choice for you. [...]

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