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Commercial Overhead Door Operator Installation

A commercial automatic door opener is the motor that functions with your springs and cables in order to lift your heavy door. That is why it is vital that it works reliably and efficiently every day. Beyond this, your operator determines the safety of your employees and the security of your business. In fact, a modern operator comes outfitted with the technology to automatically lock your door, enhanced safety eyes to prevent accidents, and warning mechanisms to ensure that employees and customers are aware of the moving door. No longer do you have to worry about your commercial door being a potential entry point for burglars; trust in the upgraded abilities of a new operator.

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Reliability and efficiency are the two most important features you need for your commercial overhead door operator, so those are the features we prioritize. We have tested multiple operator brands and found that we prefer the LiftMaster and Manaras operators for their ability to perform in those two areas. Although we install, repair, and service all the major brands of commercial operators, those two brands remain our favorite. In terms of operator types, we install both side-mount and overhead operators. We can guide you in selecting which type will best suit your business.


LiftMaster is frequently chosen by our commercial customers for its ability to deliver durability at an affordable price. They have a wide range of motor options from light-duty to industrial to specialized operators for fire doors. No matter the weight of your door or set up of your business space, they have the operator to fit your needs. Additionally, their operators are outfitted with a wide range of safety and convenience devices to improve your business.

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Micanan is a leader in commercial openers for all types of businesses. They have dozens of opener options ranging from standard belt drive trolley to jackshaft operators. Their openers are also upgraded with emergency safety mechanisms and security procedures. You can also upgrade any of their products with an extensive list of parts and accessories from timers to motion detectors. With a Micanan opener, you can be sure that your commercial overhead door system will operate at its best. 

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Cornell has the options to get you the best opener type to suit your business. You choose from standard manual or motor-operated openers. They also have manual or motor-operated fire-rated openers. This gives you price and function options to find the best opener for your company’s needs. With a Cornell operator, you can get long-term durability out of your new opener even when using it upwards of ten times a day. 

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Manaras specializes in commercial overhead door operators that can fit any business. With over thirty years of experience, you can trust the quality of their systems and accessories. They have multiple options in jackshaft, trolley, and sliding door operators. Beyond this, they are known for bringing a wide range of customization options to their customers. Whatever the specific demands of your company, Manaras will build an operator to serve you for decades to come.

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