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Commercial Door Installation Near Buford, Milton, and Buckhead, GA

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Based in Buford, Buckhead, and Milton, we commit to providing the best new commercial overhead door installation. This means we provide the same speedy service and quality workmanship for large commercial jobs as we do for residential ones. For each job, we emphasize communication and safety to install your new door exactly as you envisioned and are up to date on all safety codes.

Beyond excellent service, booking is easy with our free, on-site quotes for the job you want to be done. A technician will measure your opening, examine your ceiling height, and ask questions about the function of the door. This will help them build out the best quote for you. No matter if you want a rolling steel fire door, sectional door, high-speed door, or countertop shutter door, we have the knowledge to make it a perfect fit. Also, we have experience installing commercial doors for both exterior and interior use. Whether you need to outfit your dock, create an open-concept space for your restaurant, or set up a movable barrier for your company’s office, we are ready to help.

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Why You Should Invest in a Commercial Overhead Door

Make a Strong First Impression

A business outfitted with quality, well-maintained doors creates a great first impression. Customers and potential partners will measure your success and professionalism initially by your building’s exterior. That is why commercial overhead doors are an excellent investment. Whether you want to portray the clean lines of a full-view glass door or stick to the industrial convenience of steel roll-up doors, we have the options for you.

Protect Your Business

With new advancements in commercial overhead doors, they have become an important security measure for any business. Automatic locks and smart operators combined with the durability of the steel create a burglar-proof entryway. You can trust your new door to add convenience to your business while still protecting your property assets. Also, new commercial door options like fire doors actually protect your business from damage and your employees from injury. These doors automatically close during a fire and take hours to burn through, providing the best safety measures backed by extensive testing.

Operate with Convenience

Perhaps the greatest selling point of commercial doors is the convenience they will add to your business regardless of the particular services you provide. For loading bays, roll up doors are a reliable, easy option that store neatly when not in use and lock securely at the end of the day. We also offer countertop options to connect spaces within your office or between interior and exterior areas. These are a great way to connect with customers and sell products with greater functionality than a glass partition.

Choose from a Wide Range of Options

Commercial doors have a wide variety of door types and customization options. From rolling steel to fire doors to high speed, we can help you select the door that will best fit your property. Order any of these options customs in order to match your building’s exterior or fit your insulation desires. No matter your particular vision, we have the brand connections and expertise to install the perfect door that will serve your business for decades.

We Offer Installation and Servicing of the Following Options:

Commercial Rolling Steel Fire Doors

These are excellent options for protecting your business equipment and employees. They automatically drop close in the event of a fire to prevent the flames from spreading into your entire business or the surrounding area. In the event of a fire, a break line at the top of the door will snap at 160 degrees. This will release the door to fall at short, even intervals so that anyone still in the building can exit in time. If you are looking for a reliable, safe commercial door, this is a clear choice.

Rolling Steel Fire Doors

Commercial Rolling Steel Doors

A rolling steel door is a classic choice for commercial properties. Built from horizontal sheets of steel, they roll in on themselves when in the up position. This means that they store neatly in a cylindrical container above the door when not in use. At the end of the day, they pull down quickly and easily. A great option if you are buying for quality and functionality. Additionally, replacing parts of this door is much easier and cheaper than other commercial door options. If a forklift or heavy wind damages a section, a technician simply removes the broken parts and replaces them with new sections.

Rolling Steel Commercial Door

Commercial Sheet Doors

Sheet doors are another variety of roll-up doors which means they are stored above the door opening in a metal tube. However, they are not constructed in the same way as the rolling steel doors. Where you only have to replace sections of the rolling steel when it’s damaged, you have to replace the whole sheet door if it dents or breaks. On the positive end, though, this is a very cost-effective choice upfront and will last a fair amount of time with careful maintenance.

Commercial Sheet Garage Door

Commercial Sectional Overhead Doors

Where slim slats make up rolling steel doors, larger paneled sections make up sectional doors similar to a residential garage door. This means portions of the door can easily be replaced when damaged. Additionally, this type of commercial door has non-insulated and insulated varieties. Insulation determines the level of energy efficiency your building will have.

Commercial Sectional Overhead Doors

Commercial Full-View Glass Overhead Doors

This is one of our favorite projects to complete for businesses. We have done some great jobs involving wide doors for a tire shop and multiple doors for a restaurant. Commercial glass doors are such a great option for commercial doors because they provide all of the natural light benefits of windows with the added perk of movability. They are also widely customizable in glass color and texture options as well as frame design and insulation. Choosing the best glass styling does not mean sacrificing durability or privacy, however. Built with an aluminum frame and high-impact rated glass, your commercial glass doors will complement your business for decades.

Glass Garage Doors

Commercial Security Gates

Beyond overhead doors, we also install and service security gates. These metal gates are a top-of-the-line security measure to ensure that your property and assets remain protected. They are available in styles that slide sideways and open outward or inward depending on your property’s needs. Security gates function great for parking garages, industrial properties, and all other businesses that want to monitor their entrance.

Commercial Security Grilles

Commercial High-Speed Doors

If you want to increase the efficiency of your business in terms of energy and speed, high-speed doors are a great choice. For energy, their speed allows you to conserve the heating and cooling in your main space, saving you money. In terms of speed, they live up to their name by quickly opening and closing. This allows you to move products as soon as you need to and close them as soon as you finish. You won’t have to wait around for the door to close from twenty feet up or worry about people slipping in when you walk away. Instead, trust the security of your new high-speed door.

High Speed Door Atlanta

Car Wash Doors

Car wash doors are a necessity for any business that works with cars and needs to move them frequently. They are available windowed and with full-view glass in order to provide service transparency for your customers. Additionally, you can choose between roll-up or sectional options based on the door opening and ceiling height of your building. We install these doors with all stainless steel hardware and waterproof technology. This ensures that you get the longest lasting and most durable door for your business.

Car Wash Doors

Countertop Shutter Doors

Countertop shutter doors are a miniature version of rolling steel doors. Made similarly, they roll up into a container above the opening when not in use to provide both convenience and functionality. They are perfect for food or drink stands and guest reception areas both interior and exterior.

Rolling Steel Counter Door

Loading Dock Doors

Correctly installed and maintained dock doors are a vital element of a high-functioning business. Because they tend to act as an exterior entrance for incoming and outgoing trunks, they need to be durable and insulated. For this reason, they tend to be constructed from sectional or rolling steel. Our commercial technicians can install the dock doors as well as exterior parts and safety equipment. 

Loading Dock Shelter
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Commercial Loading Dock Installation Services

Beyond commercial door installation in a wide variety of products, Aaron Overhead Doors also performs dock leveler services. This includes the installation of new dock levelers and repair of your current leveler. For dock leveler sale, installation, and service, our favorite brand is Blue Giant. For repair and service, we can repair and service all brands. 

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