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What Are Wood Garage Doors?

Manufacturers construct wood garage doors completely out of wood. They are the ultimate statement piece to complement either a traditional or contemporary style home. New, custom wood doors portray warmth, authenticity, and natural beauty. For visual detail, curb appeal, and home value, you can’t do better than real wood garage doors.

With a wide variety of customization options from wood species to finish to hardware, you can create a door that is completely unique. In fact, all our wood doors are custom-built to your specifications based on a picture or drawing. Our Aaron Overhead Doors team works with you to adjust every detail exactly to your vision, not beginning the project until you sign off.

What Options Are Available for Wood Doors?

Wood doors come in a variety of architectural styles, just like steel doors. These styles include contemporary, modern, custom, and carriage house doors. This means that regardless of your home’s design, we can find the perfect door to complement it. With a wide variety of panel, color, and window options, you tell us your vision, and we make it happen.

Contemporary Wood Garage Doors

Contemporary or modern wood doors focus on clean, organic lines and minimalist architecture. A simplicity of design allows the natural beauty of the wood to be fully expressed. Flushed panels are a frequent choice for modern wood doors because of their smooth, neat appearance. Additionally, vertical window inserts stress the strong lines of a contemporary home.

Modern Custom Wood & Glass Garage Door Atlanta GA | Wood Garage Doors

Carriage Wood Garage Doors

Wood doors in a carriage style are a classically beautiful choice. Especially for a traditional or historical home, the architectural detail and hardware finishes of carriage house wood doors are gorgeous. Raised panels or recessed panels pair well with a traditional carriage look or a more rustic barn door style. But you don’t have to sacrifice customization for this classy design choice. From window inserts to hardware to wood finish, you create a door that is unique to your home with these beautiful real wood garage doors.


Custom Wood Garage Doors

Wood garage doors are always custom-built, but you can also shape them to the smallest details. This means that you select each aspect of the wood’s exterior. From species to finish to color, our manufacturers provide the widest variety of options. Also, your wood grain choices include vertical, horizontal, herringbone, and chevron patterns. Your custom wood door shapes the visual appeal of your home, so we want it to be everything you imagined and more.

Beautiful Wood Garage Door Ideas

Are Wood Doors Durable?

The durability of wood doors is a complicated question. For denting and scratching, wood garage doors offer strength and are difficult to damage, unlike steel or aluminum doors. In day-to-day life with young children or outdoor activities, a wood door will stay steady. However, wood doors are much more sensitive to environmental conditions than other garage door varieties. For example, moisture and pests can become an issue for wood doors without proper maintenance. In terms of rotting and termite damage, you have to practice supervision to maintain the durability of your door.

What Type of Wood Do We Use For Doors?

Real wood garage doors come in a variety of wood types, including cedar, mahogany, birch, maple, oak, fir, walnut, hemlock, and redwood. However, since wood is sensitive to environmental changes, we need to help you select a wood that is best for your climate. For example, we all know that Georgia weather has a high level of humidity and moisture fluctuation. Sometimes it’s 40 degrees in the morning and 70 degrees by the late afternoon. That means you have to choose a wood that holds up in extreme temperatures, can expand and contract with the weather without warping, and handles moisture without rot.

We recommend mahogany, Western red cedar, and walnut for the North Atlanta and North Georgia areas that we serve. These three woods hold up the best in the shifting climate of Georgia. They survive because they have natural oils which resist moisture and pests. This means that they will not warp, shrink, or rot as quickly as other wood species. As a plus, all three wood types have a naturally beautiful, rich grain in dark and red tinted finishes which complement any home’s exterior. If you’re unsure what type of wood garage doors will work best for your home, contact your local experts at Aaron Overhead Doors!

How Much Do Wood Doors Cost?

Wood garage doors are a custom product; there is no standard real wood door you can buy. They are custom-measured and handmade to your specifications to fit your home. This means that they are one of the most expensive options for a new garage door. A new wood door will start around $5000 for the simplest design and move up in price based on your customization desires.

The finish and grain you choose will also affect the price. For example, a paint-grade, knotty wood will be the cheapest option. This means it is made from wood with visible knots and painted the color you choose. On the other end, stain-grade, not knotty wood doors will be the most expensive. This is wood that is free from visual imperfections and custom-stained to your specifications.

Additionally, wood doors are heavier than any other type of garage door. This means that they need heavy-duty tracks and a strong opener to function. When you buy your new wood garage door, you will most likely need to upgrade your entire garage door system to support the weight of the door.

Are Wood Doors Difficult to Maintain?

Wood doors do need more maintenance than standard steel or aluminum garage doors. This is not a door you can have installed and then forget about for fifteen years until you need a new one. To keep up the exterior beauty of the door, it needs refinishing or repainting every couple of years. For the paint, you also need to buy one made for exterior, wood use like Sikkens Stain.

In terms of regular maintenance, you can also check the exterior and interior for signs of damage. Specifically, you need to make sure no rot or pests have injured the door. Also, check the interior hardware like the opener and tracks to ensure they are not suffering unnecessary strain from the weight of the door.

If you keep up with the visual and structural maintenance, you can prolong the life of your real wood garage doors.

What Is the Best Opener for Wood Doors?

Because wood doors are heavier, they require a stronger motor to function. If you install a smaller motor on a wood door, the motor will burn out more quickly. For wood doors, we recommend the SOMMER 2080 EVO+ and LiftMaster 8500 Side Mount. These are the best models to lift a wood door for their longevity and durability.

How Long Do Wood Doors Last?

Wood garage doors have one of the longest lifespans of garage doors. They can last 30 years or more. However, getting this many years out of your door requires careful maintenance. That means refinishing, checking for rot and pest damage, and replacing damaged sections often.

What Are Alternatives to Wood Doors?

If you don’t want to commit to the cost or upkeep of real wood doors, there are two other options: hybrid steel doors and faux wood doors.

Hybrid steel is the best of both worlds as it combines the durability of steel and the beauty of real wood. Manufacturers create these by gluing real wood sections to the front of a urethane-insulated steel door. Faux wood garage doors offer a three-inch thick door, fitted with excellent insulation qualities. On top of this, this option for wood doors is much cheaper than a full wood door. Two of the other wood door manufacturers, CHI and Clopay, have options for a hybrid steel door. However, you do still need to consider someone the maintenance needs of the wood, even if it is a thinner layer.

Faux wood doors are an even more affordable option to get the look of wood. Manufacturers print a wood finish on a steel door. This means you get the durability and price of steel with the beauty of wood. You can achieve the curb appeal you’re seeking without the worries about rot or pest damage and the repainting needs. We like the faux wood doors from Amarr, CHI, and Clopay for their realistic finish and durability.


If you want a garage door that seamlessly blends into your home’s exterior or makes a unique statement, choose real wood garage doors. Their customization options and aesthetic appeal cannot be beaten. For the customers who have purchased wood garage doors from us, the advantages of having a garage door that is beautiful and durable far outweigh the disadvantages in terms of cost and upkeep. We believe you will also be glad you made the investment.

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