A Guide to Carriage House Garage Doors - Carriage Style Door

A Guide to Carriage House Garage Doors

What Are Carriage House Garage Doors?

Carriage house garage doors mimic the look of carriage doors from a bygone era when people stored their horse and buggy instead of their car. They have an elegant, timeless, and beautiful aesthetic, making carriage-style garage doors the perfect complement to many home styles, even today. 

Original carriage doors were made of wood and featured thick iron hinges on either side to open the door. Although modern advancements like faux wood and overhead door operation have changed the functionality of these doors, we’ve held onto the original design’s classic beauty.

Which Home Styles Look Best With Carriage House Doors?

Spanish Colonial

Spanish Colonial homes have a clean stucco finish and clay or tiled roofs, giving them a rustic, old-world charm. Carriage house garage doors, with their wood finish and classic elegance, are the perfect pair to elevate the beauty of Spanish Colonial home design. Carriage garage doors are stunning with a barn door overlay and decorative hinges and handles. 


Craftsman homes have been widely popular for the better part of the last century with their low-pitched roofs, exposed beams, and earth tones. Carriage house garage doors are the perfect way to elevate this home style’s conventional look with a dazzling wood overlay in a complementary finish. 


Victorian homes have a timeless beauty that pairs beautifully with carriage garage doors. We love to recommend garage doors with arched windows and A, X, or V overlays to accentuate the architectural beauty of Victorian homes, replicating the original style of homes a century past. 

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Popular Overlay Designs for Carriage Style Garage Doors

The hallmark of carriage-style garage doors is the overlay. This is the paneling pattern on the garage door exterior that replicates the classic look of carriage doors. To give your new garage door a look you love, you can go with a barn-style X pattern, a simple diagonal, or more unique designs. Check out the most popular overlay patterns below and pick your favorite!

CHI Overlay Carriage House
barn style garage door cumming ga

Real Wood or Faux Wood?

Carriage house garage doors are a great option for any home because of their versatility in material and construction. Classic carriage garage doors are made of real wood, echoing the construction of carriage doors from many years ago. However, modern technologies have also made faux wood carriage garage doors available. 

Faux wood garage doors have a steel base and a composite wood overlay, giving you a low-maintenance, beautiful garage door. Many manufacturers offer numerous finishes, panel designs, and decorative hardware options, ensuring you can design a unique new carriage house garage door. 

You may choose a natural wood or faux wood garage door based on your style preferences, budget, and home needs, but regardless of your choice, you’ll end up with a stunning carriage garage door!

Best Brands and Models for Carriage House Garage Doors

Because carriage house garage doors are so popular, many manufacturers offer multiple models with carriage designs for you to choose from. Our favorite garage door brands are C.H.I., Clopay, and Amarr because they consistently commit to quality for all their garage door products. We’ve highlighted a few of our favorite models from these top-rated garage door brands below!

C.H.I. Overhead Doors

C.H.I. Accent Carriage 

C.H.I.’s Accent Carriage Series offers the beauty of a wood-tone finish without the high maintenance required with natural wood. These garage doors are available in short and long panels, come with either polystyrene or polyurethane insulation, and offer six different accent wood tones.

C.H.I. Carriage Stamp

C.H.I.’s Carriage Stamp Doors feature a classic design with short or long panels that contribute to a carriage house style. Choose from ten available colors and nine wood tones to customize your garage door to your satisfaction.

C.H.I. Carriage Overlay

C.H.I.’s Overlay Carriage doors have a timeless carriage-style appearance and are available in steel, wood, and fiberglass builds with multiple color options. They are also heavy-duty, ensuring their durability.

Clopay Garage Doors

Clopay Bridgeport

Clopay’s Bridgeport Steel doors feature insulated shaker-style garage doors with recessed panels. These doors come in 14 colors and can be customized with decorative windows, specialty glass, and unique hardware.

Clopay Canyon Ridge Five-Layer

Clopay’s Canyon Ridge Carriage House Five-Layer Doors are a beautiful and timeless addition to any home. These doors have a handcrafted faux wood look and are available in multiple colors to complement your home’s aesthetic perfectly. 

Clopay Reserve Wood

The Reserve Wood Collection by Clopay presents an exquisite range of garage doors that exhibit a personal touch of craftsmanship. These doors are available in different finishes and wood types, allowing you to create a perfect garage door that adds to your home’s curb appeal.

Amarr Garage Doors

Amarr Classica

Amarr’s Classica Collection provides energy-efficient and durable steel doors at an affordable price with larger windows for an authentic carriage house look. 

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