Garage Door Roller Replacement in Buford, GA
Garage Door Roller Replacement

Garage Door Roller Replacement Near Buford, Milton, and Buckhead, GA

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Garage Door Roller Replacement


Garage Door Roller Replacement

Garage door rollers are the wheels that run on the tracks along the sides of your door in order to open and close it. These are what allow rolling doors to, well, roll. Because these parts are crucial to a garage door that runs smoothly and reliably, it is important to use the best quality rollers. That’s why Aaron Overhead Doors installs premium, commercial-grade nylon rollers with ball bearings. This high-quality roller gives you the longevity and quiet you want out of a garage door system.

We like to remind our customers that the entire weight of the door is applied to the rollers and hinges when in the horizontal position. Much like your vehicle’s tires, garage door rollers wear down and get weak over time. When they eventually break, your car will be trapped in the garage and your entire garage door system could suffer from added tension. That is why it is important to call us for roller replacement before the rollers fully break. By spending a little for a quick replacement and maintenance appointment, you’re saving a lot down the road.

Like with all garage door system issues, it is important not to continue trying to open the door with the automatic opener. This puts unnecessary strain on the motor which could cause it to burn out. You can try to open the door manually, but if the roller damage is extensive, it may not work. If you feel too much resistance when trying to open the door, stop immediately. You could be causing damage that will make your repair more difficult and expensive. Instead, call or text us at 678-960-3360 to schedule a repair appointment.

How do you know your rollers need replacing?

A sign that your rollers are in need of replacement is a screeching noise when your door opens and closes. This is because rollers will become louder as they wear over time, especially if they do not get proper maintenance including lubrication. If the issue progresses, you will know one or more of your rollers are broken if they have popped out of the track or if their hinges are no longer connected to the door. It is unlikely that your garage door will be able to fully open if this occurs. Or, if it does try to open, the sections connected to the broken rollers could be damaged.

Old Garage Door Rollers

As rollers get older, dirt and grit can build up on them resulting in issues. These issues include noisy operation and damage to your entire garage door system. In order to function best, they need to roll smooth and be clean of dirt and grit.

Garage Door Roller Replacement

New Garage Door Rollers

Replacing garage door rollers has some complexity because there are different ways to do it. That’s why you should trust the experts at Aaron Overhead Doors. We will replace your old rollers with nylon commercial-grade garage door rollers to ensure the longevity of your garage door system.


How long do rollers last?

If you have high-quality, properly installed, and maintained rollers, they can last 10-20 years. However, keep in mind that most rollers do not receive proper maintenance and may not be of the highest quality. When we perform a roller replacement for you, we will install premium nylon rollers with ball bearings. These will last longer and operate quieter so you get the most reliability from your garage door system.

Garage Door Roller Maintenance

High Cycle Replacement Rollers Available!

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How important is it to replace rollers?

It is important to replace broken rollers because they can cause your garage door to come off track, injuring someone or damaging your car. When they are operating poorly, rollers also create unnecessary wear for your garage door opener. If you continue to allow broken rollers to lift your door, you could be causing a build-up of tension that will break your entire garage door system.

When should you replace rollers?

A good rule of thumb that we like to suggest is to get your rollers replaced when you get your springs replaced. Both rollers and springs tend to last the same life span, 10-15,000 cycles, which means they tend to wear out at the same time. Instead of waiting for either part to cause a problem, do some preventative maintenance and replace both. Or, for best results in terms of quiet and reliability, we recommend replacing rollers every five years.

However, in terms of warning signs that your rollers are at the end of their life, listen for loud noises when opening and closing your garage door. If you hear a screeching noise, that means your rollers are damaged or not properly lubricated in their tracks. This puts daily strain on your entire garage door system which could eventually escalate into a much more expensive issue.

How can you make your rollers last longer?

Regular maintenance is the best way to prolong the life of your rollers. Every couple of months, check the length of the track for debris and the surface of the wheels to ensure that nothing is blocking a fluid transition. Also make sure that your rollers are still properly connected to the door, not running at an angle or loose from their hinges. Also, spray the tracks and hinges with a garage door spray, lubricating all the parts for smooth operation.

These steps help prevent minor issues from escalating into a problem that could damage your entire garage door system. In addition, we offer annual maintenance plans. You can make an appointment once or twice a year based on your schedule, and we will complete an extensive maintenance check. This will ensure the longevity of not only your rollers but your entire garage door system. Learn more on our Maintenance page!

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