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Offering Door Closer Service Near You

Is your door closer not working? Do you need a new one installed? Contact Aaron Overhead Doors for help. We fix, replace, and install a wide variety of door closers for wooden, metal, and glass doors. With the best industry experience and quality replacement parts, we’re able to replace and install surface-mounted closers, concealed closers, hydraulic parts, locking mechanisms, and push-and-pull side mounts.

We are a licensed and insured commercial door company with locations in Buford, Milton, and Buckhead, GA. Our service trucks travel far and wide to ensure local businesses receive timely, reliable door closer service. We also emphasize speedy service, which is why our service trucks are stocked with the most commonly needed parts, so we can handle your door closer repair on our first visit. If you’d like to learn more about door closers or need to schedule service, contact us!

What are Door Closers?

Commercial properties use door closers to control the swing of the door so it doesn’t stay open on its own or slam shut with every exit. Door closers are mechanisms that are installed at the top or bottom of the door, ensuring your door opens and closes gently. Benefits of door closers include:

  • Help for those who struggle to open doors (for example, due to a physical handicap).
  • Increased energy efficiency by ensuring the door closes after every entrance or exit so less heat or cold escape.
  • Improved security because you can program the door to close and lock automatically. 
  • Gives you the convenience of not having to manually keep the door open or closed.  

Door Closer Installation

If a door closer seems like the right solution to increase your business’s security, convenience, and energy efficiency, we’d love to assist you with door closer installation. We sell and install all major types of door closers, including regular arms, parallel arms, and top jamb mounts. If you’re unsure what kind of door closer you need, we’ll measure your door and ceiling clearance and recommend the best solutions. Contact us to learn more or book an appointment for service!

Door Closer Repair

Have you noticed that the wind blows your door open or that your door slams shut when it should be closing gently? These are the two most common door closer repair calls we get! Because door closers work on a hydraulic system, faulty seals or leaky fluid weakens the pressure until there’s nothing to cushion the door from slamming shut. 

That’s why we’re here to offer door closer repair near Buford, Buckhead, and Milton. We have years of experience ensuring commercial doors work at their best for local businesses. We want to provide the same level of expertise and service when repairing your broken door closer. Contact us to book an appointment, and we’ll have your commercial doors up and running like new!

Common Issues with Door Closers

Wrong Type of Door Closer Installed on Your Door – The heavier your door, the stronger the spring required to open it. If you had the wrong door closer installed on your door, it can cause misalignment and damage to the door, leading to the need for repairs and potential replacement. 

Improperly Installed or Adjusted Door Closers – Making sure your door closer is properly installed and maintained is important to prevent damage to your door. If you notice unusual door movements or damage to the door jamb, contact us to come take a look.

Broken Seals – When the door’s seal is broken, it exposes gaps in the clearance, damaging your hardware and increasing the risk of oil leaks. If the seal is broken, call us to assess the door and door closer for issues. 

Oil Leaks – Oil keeps the door closer properly lubricated so it can function reliably as it should. If oil is leaking, it is a sign of an underlying problem like broken O-rings, a missing screw, or failed seals. Call quickly if your door is low on oil or leaking to prevent damage to your door closer or the door itself.