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We do garage door installation with excellence. Any garage door company can install a garage door in your home, but few will go the extra mile and back up their work. Your experience will start with the measure and consultation. Once you have picked out your new garage door, you will receive an itemized quote. The quote is our final price; this will not go up unless you make changes. If we miss something, that’s on us. We’re the professionals, and you are counting on us to make sure you get the right garage door installed properly. We will communicate with you through the entire process and confirm your installation date. During installation, we will confirm the door before installation. When the installation is complete, we will clean up so that you never knew we were there. But don’t just take our word for it, read our excellent customer reviews!

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Garage Door Installations

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Our Garage Door Installation Guarantees

As the owner of Aaron Overhead Doors says, “There is a big difference between installing a garage door and being a garage door installer.” This is the quality difference of having your garage door installed by a team of certified, experienced garage door service professionals. Here at Aaron Overhead Doors, we are committed to giving you the best garage door installation experience from the design consultation to the post installation check. Through every step of the process, we want you to feel confident you’re getting the best. That is why we make the following service guarantees for your new garage door installation.


We believe great communication is the cornerstone of any successful business. That is why we consider ourselves “A Customer Service Company in the Garage Door Business.” To ensure you get the best possible customer service, we prioritize communication by keeping you updated throughout the installation process. This means we are here for you from your new garage door design consultation to finalizing your order to the installation and final quality check. Through each step of your garage door installation, we make your experience our number one priority.


Because we buy directly from our manufacturers, new garage doors come to our warehouse first. This means we can thoroughly check your garage door to ensure it is damage-free and in pristine condition. Not only does this ensure the quality of your garage door, it also makes getting the new garage door on your home smoother and quicker. By cutting out the middleman between us and our manufacturers, we give you a quality guaranteed purchase at a fair price. After all, our priorities are your experience as our valued customer and giving you the best new garage door to upgrade your home.


Our garage door options have the variety you want to fulfill any vision for your home. Through every step of the process, we are here to give you an avenue to express your home style goals. That is why we offer wood, glass, and steel garage doors in hundreds of potential designs. Explore the full range of personalized options to create your new garage door on our Garage Doors page or browse our Projects.


A major part of ensuring consistent quality is hiring experienced, certified service professionals. Each of our residential garage door installers is certified or in the final steps of certification to become IDEA Residential Sectional Door Certified. Beyond just the quality of our employees, we also have General Liability and Workman’s Compensation. These two insurance layers cover any potential damage to customer property or injuries on the job.


Safety for our employees and customers is always a number one priority in completing any job related to your garage door. That is why we have strict safety protocols that each of our employees are required to follow to remain safe on the job. In fact, because of our emphasis on safety, we have never had a Worker’s Compensation claim in all our years of business.

Our Certified, Expert Technicians

Our installation quality guarantees are assured by our team of excellent garage door service professionals. That is why we only hire employees instead of using subcontractors. Having a team of employees in the office daily allows us to closely oversee the workmanship quality of all our repairs and installations. More than just that, all our residential garage door service professionals are also IDEA certified or in the final stages of receiving their certificate. Lastly, to guarantee the long term excellence of our employees, we perform random quality control inspections following installations. This keeps our technicians and our managers honest through all the installations we complete. 

Our Standards Extend Beyond the Installation

Beyond just the quality of the installation itself, we also go further by cleaning up and hauling away your old garage door. We will even reattach your existing garage door opener if you choose to keep it with your new garage door. Each of these steps allow us to give you the best experience even after the garage door is installed. 

Following your final installation check, we will send you a review request because we want your feedback, good or bad. We don’t hide our bad reviews because we believe in providing full transparency about the services we provide for our community. When you schedule Aaron Overhead Doors, you can be sure you’re getting to best through every step of the process. 

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What Brands of Garage Doors Do You Install?

Our expert technicians have the experience and know-how to install a variety of garage door brands. We have learned through selling and installing different brands that some companies make certain doors better than others. We even created a review system with descriptions of what certain manufacturers do best and worst which you can view here. With our thorough review process, we have narrowed down the best manufacturers (brands) and models to present to you. These premium standards help us only bring you the best brands at prices you can respect. 

Popular residential garage door brands we offer:

  • Amarr (Also known as Pella Garage Doors Sold Through Lowes)
  • Arm-R-Lite (Glass garage doors)
  • Carriage House Doors (Custom Wood)
  • CHI
  • Clopay
  • Doorlink
  • Haas
  • Hormann
  • Ranch House Doors (Custom Wood)
  • Wayne Dalton

Frequently Asked Questions!

In the GA climate, we recommend insulated garage doors to our customers. This is because the weather in GA varies dramatically between below freezing in the winter and close to 100°F in the summer. With these temperature extremes, you need a garage door that can increase the energy efficiency of your home. That is why we love steel garage doors with layer of polystyrene or polyurethane insulation. This added layer of protection increases the temperature control and energy efficiency your garage and entire home. With an insulated garage door, you can drive down your HVAC costs year around. 

To upgrade the look of your garage door and add natural light to your garage, we always recommend a row of windows. A simple row of four windows to your steel or wood garage consistently adds visual interest to a new garage door. Best of all, windows can be customized in whatever frames, panes, and glass etching you prefer. This ensures the window design complements your home and maintains the privacy of your garage.

For single garage doors, or one car garage openings, the standard garage door size is 8 feet wide by 7 feet tall. The door’s width can also commonly be 9 feet. For a double garage door or two car garage, the standard size is 16 feet wide by 7-8 tall. However, we can custom measure and order a new garage door to fit any garage opening for your home. We can also rebuild the opening of your garage frame to accommodate a new garage door.

R-value is the measure thermal efficiency used to describe how well a garage door regulates temperature. In practice, the higher the R-value of a garage door, the better energy efficiency it has for your home. When it comes to getting a great R-value for your new garage door, we recommend insulated doors. A layer of polystyrene or polyurethane insulation can bring up the R-value of your garage door dramatically. This translates into better energy efficiency and temperature control for your entire home. 

Garage doors come in many different levels of quality. Low quality garage doors typically have dramatically shorter life span. In every scenario, it’s important to understand how garage doors are built. Garage doors are broken down into many different parts. Everything is supposed to be built for a minimum of 10,000 cycles. Most people are familiar with garage door springs because they break right at 10,000 cycles. However, things like rollers, hinges, and bearing plates also start breaking down around 10,000 cycles. Additionally, most garage doors are dented by cars or damaged by malfunctioning garage door openers at some point in their life cycle.

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