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One-Piece Garage Door Repair Near Buford, Milton, and Buckhead, GA

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Having Trouble with Your One-Piece Garage Door?

Although one-piece or tilt-up garage doors have fewer parts than standard, multi-panel garage doors, they can still pose a difficult repair job. This is because one-piece garage doors operate on a precise mechanism to prevent the door from catching on the jambs as it goes up and down. Single-panel garage doors can also be unsafe if they are not properly balanced or have worn-out parts. Some of the most common one-piece garage door repairs are:

  • Adjusting or replacing hardware
  • Replacing extension springs
  • Balancing the door
  • Tightening truss rods
  • Replacing the weatherstripping
  • Lubricating pivot points

One-piece garage door repair and maintenance are critical to keep your garage door system in the best shape and prevent an accident with your door. If you notice your garage door opening incorrectly, making an unusual amount of noise, or you have worn-out parts, contact Aaron Overhead Doors to schedule an appointment. We have years of experience with garage door repair, so we can guarantee the best outcome to get your overhead door up and running again quickly. 

Extension Spring Replacement for One-Piece Garage Doors

One-piece garage doors have unique extension springs. Single panel garage door extension springs are wound more tightly and do not work the same as sectional door extension springs. This is why a professional must carefully maintain and repair a one-piece garage door system. Contact us for one-piece garage door repair, and we will assist you with replacement extension springs!

How ​​One-Piece Single Panel Door Springs Work

When your one-piece garage door is closed, the extension spring is stretched to its maximum length. The spring pulls down on a lever arm attached to the end of the garage door near the floor. One end of the lever arm remains stationary as a pivot point while the door is opened or closed.

This means you don’t have to bear its full weight when you lift the door to open it because the spring assists you. As the one-piece door opens, the extension spring continues to pull down on the lever arm. When you help raise the door’s bottom, you lift one end of the lever arm, and the extension spring pulls on the other end. As the door opens, the extension spring contracts and loses its pull. Meanwhile, the angle between the lever arm and the door changes, with the pivot point holding more of the door weight. When the door is completely open, the small amount of stretch remaining in the extension spring holds the weight of the door.

Why is One-Piece Garage Door Repair Important?

Due to the weight and nature of one-piece garage doors, they can pose a potential safety risk to you and your family members if they are not correctly repaired and maintained. It is critical that you hire a garage door professional to properly adjust the garage door, parts, and opener to effectively and safely operate your overhead door. If a one-piece door does not work properly, the garage door opener will have a harder time raising and lowering the door, and this will reduce the life of your garage door and opener.

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If you’re struggling with a malfunctioning garage door or broken parts, contact Aaron Overhead Doors for one-piece garage door repair. We serve the communities of Buford, Milton, and Buckhead with quality garage door repair backed by industry certifications and years of on-the-job experience. Our trucks are also fully stocked with the best replacement garage door parts to complete your one-piece garage door repair in one appointment. Contact us for a free quote on your garage door service!