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What are Storefront Security Doors?

Securing your business or commercial property is becoming more and more important in recent times. Storefront security is especially vital if your business has a glass front that is vulnerable to easy vandalism. You can no longer rely on an alarm system to defend your business. Instead, you need to invest in a storefront security door. These roll-up security doors are steel constructed with strong locks to prevent theft and vandalism.

Security Shutter
Security Shutter for store front

As you can see in the photo below, roll-down security gates for retail stores completely cover the store’s sliding glass entry. This durable steel barrier prevents break-ins through invaders from busting your storefront’s glass. However, this upgraded security doesn’t detract from the convenience of operating your business. This is because rolling steel doors easily store overhead in a metal compartment. They can be rolled up during business hours and locked to the floor at the end of the day. With a steel security door protecting your business, you can feel confident at closing time. 

Steel security doors are a great addition to many types of businesses. We recommend security grilles for retail storefronts like grocery stores, clothing stores, and any other business that want to protect their assets. Beyond just retail, rolling steel doors also upgrade the exteriors of commercial buildings like warehouses, manufacturing plants, car washes, and more. If you want to protect your property from theft and vandalism, contact Aaron Overhead Doors for more information on the security doors we sell. 

security grilles Atlanta GA
storefront security door Atlanta GA

Why You Should Invest in a Security Grille

Protect Your Business

Of course, the most important reason to add a storefront security door to your business is added defense. Instead of leaving your glass front or single door open to attack, ensure a thorough shield. Although alarm systems are a great resource, they can’t protect your business until after an intruder has entered your store. Instead of repairing property damage, invest in a storefront security gate to prevent destruction before it can occur. With thick steel and secure locks standing between your property and potential invaders, you can feel confident at closing every night. 

Upgrade Your Convenience

To upgrade the security of your commercial property, you don’t have to sacrifice convenient operation. We only install roll-up security doors built for easy storage and smooth movement. Manufacturers construct the doors from narrow steel sections that roll up into an overhead container. This ensures seamless operation for you and any of your employees. You simply roll up the door before opening it and secure it in an upright position for all-day ease. At closing, you pull the door to the ground and lock it in place. 

Choose a Design That Suits Your Business

Because the safety needs of many retail stores are unique, we offer a variety of security doors. From slated security grilles to rolling steel doors to countertop shutters, we have the options to suit your business. Whether you need exterior protection for a storefront or want to secure your interior business front, we can help. To explore your custom security door options, contact Aaron Overhead Doors. One of our commercial door technicians can explain the security doors we offer in person and provide door quotes. 

Types of Security Doors

Roll Down Security Grilles

Security grilles or gates are a great option to protect the exterior of almost any storefront. They are a top-of-the-line security measure to ensure that your property and assets remain protected. Beyond just security benefits, they also have design and function versatility. Security grilles come available in styles that slide sideways and open outward or inward depending on your property’s needs. Security gates are a great addition for parking garages, industrial properties, and all other businesses that want to monitor their entrance.

security gates

Custom Security Doors

Custom security doors come in many shapes and sizes. We can order and install a rolling steel door or security grille to fit any opening. Commonly, we get requests for countertop shutter doors. They are a miniature version of rolling steel doors that can measure as small as 4’x5′. In the same way as a standard rolling steel door, security shutters roll up into a container above the opening when not in use to provide both convenience and functionality. These are perfect for securing exterior countertop openings and windows.

Rolling Steel Counter Door

Rolling Steel Security Doors

Rolling steel doors are a classic choice for commercial properties and retail storefronts. Built from horizontal steel sheets, these doors roll in on themselves when in the up position. This means that they neatly store in an overhead container when not in use and easily pull down at the end of the day. Because of the solid construction and ease of use, rolling steel doors are perfect for security. They defend your business by locking to the floor and creating an impenetrable barrier against looting or vandalism. This means you can always close your store with confidence.

rolling steel door

Cornell Cookson StoreDefender™ Door

In response to recent world events, Cornell Cookson, a leader in commercial door manufacturing, has introduced the new StoreDefender™ Door. This custom high-security door is designed to defend your business against riots or vandalism. Unlike standard security doors, the StoreDefender™ Door specifically blocks against intruders that lift the bottom bar or push the curtain out of the guides to gain entry. This commercial security door (available in both service and insulated models) comes standard with:

  • 18-Gauge Curtain
  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum Bottom Bar with Robust Locking
  • Tamper Resistant Fasteners
  • Continuous Wind Locks that Keep the Curtain in Place
  • Screw Kit Allowing the Top Slats to be Attached to the Barrel and Prevent Lifting

Standing behind their security door product, Cornell Cookson has also tested their new StoreDefender™ Door. It can withstand 4,500 lbs of lift effort and 2,500 lbs of pull effort. It is also proven to resist a break-in risk from 3 or more attackers with hand tools. With this level of strength and security defending your business, you can be sure that no damage will come to your property. This security door can even be upgraded with an automated alarm system for 24/7 monitoring, giving you peace of mind even during the worst security situations. 

When you’re ready to upgrade the security of your business, give us a call at 678-960-3360. We are here to ensure your business has the defense necessary to stay secure no matter what happens. Check out the brochure for details on the StoreDefender™ Door here.

Contact Aaron Overhead Doors about Business Security

If you’re ready to upgrade the security of your business in the Atlanta GA area or adjoining counties, we are here to help. From custom security solutions to standard rolling steel doors, we have the brands and expertise to protect your property. Let our expert commercial technicians install a roll up security door so you can operate your business with peace of mind. Contact Aaron Overhead Doors today at 678-960-3360 to set up your new door consultation.