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How To Shop For Garage Doors

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Glass Garage Doors

Glass Garage Doors

Choose Frame Color

You can get clear anodized aluminum as standard. You can choose a small upgrade by going with the black or dark bronze anodized colors or you can upgrade even further and powder coat the frame. This gives you a lot of options.

Choose Glass Thickness

We sell a lot of glass garage doors in Atlanta. Our most popular options for glass thickness is 1/8″, 1/4″, and double-pane insulated glass. There isn’t a big price difference between 1/8″ and 1/4″.

Choose Glass Type

The most popular glass options are clear, tinted, and frosted. There are many more options but those are by far the most popular. Tinted can come in different shades. If going in an office space or a living space that will get direct sunlight, you may want to consider Low-E glass. We only sell glass garage doors with tempered glass.

White Powder Coated Glass Garage Door
White Powder Coated Frame
Black Frame Glass Garage Door
Black Anodized Frame
Bronze Glass Garage Door
Dark Bronze Anodized Frame
Clear Anodized Aluminum Frame Glass Garage Door
Clear Anodized Aluminum Frame
Clear Glass Garage Door
Clear Glass
Tinted Glass Garage Door
Tinted Glass
Frosted Glass Garage Door
Frosted Glass

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Full-view glass garage doors are an excellent option for upgrading the style of your modern home because they have a clean, industrial look. As a statement piece, they complement the lines of your home without distracting from its beauty. Although window accents on your garage door can be lovely, they do not compare to the striking look of fully-paned glass. As a leader in glass garage doors, we can help you choose the right glass door for your project. We know what brands carry the best glass garage doors for different applications. We also know great alternatives because we know that glass garage doors don’t fit every budget.

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Popular Questions About Glass Garage Doors

This is a very common question. Unfortunately, there isn't an easy answer without us asking a lot of questions. Because there are so many variables, we have to ask details about the doors prior to quoting. That said, countertop doors start at $2,000, single car doors start around $3,500, and double car doors start around $4500. 

Sizes can vary dramatically. Different manufacturers of glass garage doors will make different sizes. However, most are custom made to the size needed. The most common sizes for glass garage doors are 8x7, 8x8, 9x7, 9x8, 10x7, 10x8, 16x7, 16x8, 18x7, 18x8. The most common sizes for countertop glass garage doors are 5x4, 6x4, 8x4. 

The simple answer is no, but some manufacturers do make products that can be made more efficient. They do this by using insulated glass and urethane injected frames. We suggest doing that if energy efficiency is an issue. You can also go with a steel, urethane-insulated door with insulated windows in every section or frameless glass garage doors. The inside of the frameless glass doors is insulated steel. 

Yes! After resisting for years, we now ship glass garage doors all over the country. There are some limitations so you should contact us for more details. 

Yes, we not only sell the door itself, we install glass garage doors. Because this is a fun niche of ours, we typically go outside our service area for glass garage doors. If you're within 60 miles of Buford GA, feel free to reach out. If you have a large project, we will consider going outside the 60-mile radius. 

Wood Garage Doors

Wood Garage Doors

Choose Wood Species

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You can’t beat the look and feel of a real wood garage door. There are many options when it comes to wood doors. If you choose a custom wood garage door, you have even more options like species, edge treatments, tongue and groove profiles, panel molding, design, and glass options. When it comes to wood garage doors, no one builds a better wood door than Ranch House Doors. Use our guide to help you identify the choices available. We can also help with this process with a free consultation.

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Popular Questions About Wood Garage Doors

As you can see, there is a wide range of different types of wood garage doors. You also have to consider the wood species to use and the craftsmanship. Also, is it custom or mass-produced? Standard wood garage doors can start under $1000 and fully custom garage doors start around $3500. 

Painting and staining garage doors are almost always done after installation. They can be done prior if planned out well. However, you always want to go by manufacturing guidelines when painting or staining a wood garage door. 

We're a fan of the craftsmanship of Ranch House Doors. After all, the details are important. They don't nail from the front like many others so you don't have filler on the front of the door. In particular, Western Red Cedar wood doors from Ranch House are amazing! 

Wood doors do need more maintenance than a standard steel or aluminum garage door. This is not a door you can have installed and then forget about for fifteen years until you need a new one. To keep up the exterior beauty of the door, it needs refinishing or repainting every couple of years. For the paint, you also need to buy one made for exterior, wood use like Sikkens Stain.

Steel Garage Doors

Steel Garage Doors

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Step 2: Choose Color

Step 3: Choose Construction

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Steel garage doors have come a long way. We specialize in specialty steel doors. We only offer steel garage doors that are of the highest quality from the best manufacturers. Steel is a great material for a durable and long lasting garage door. They are also available in a broad range of styles and exteriors to customize your new garage door to your home. No matter your vision for a new garage door, we can make it happen with a steel garage door.

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Popular Questions About Steel Garage Doors

Steel doors can vary greatly depending on the quality and style of the door you choose. Even color can adjust the price in some cases. Steel garage doors start in the $800 range installed and can go up to the $2500 range for a "high end" steel door. These prices are for an 8x7. 

We get this question occasionally. Most of the doors we sell are steel. Some are even made in the great USA. 

One of the choices you'll have to make when choosing a steel door is the construction and insulation. The best quality is a 2" thick urethane insulated steel garage door. Most manufacturers offer high teens with "R-Value".  We sell all the highest quality steel garage doors available. 

There are four options for insulation when replacing your garage door. The first is what we call a pan door with no insulation (0 R-Value). This is our cheapest garage door to install. The second is a pan door with exposed insulation inserted on the back side. We call this a double-layer garage door. The third option is a triple-layer garage door, 2″ thick with polystyrene insulation. The fourth option is a 2″ thick polyurethane insulated garage door. Choosing an insulated steel garage door is a great upgrade for your home. It adds to your home’s value as well as increasing the energy efficiency and noise control of your garage.

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