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New Ways to Use Garage Doors to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Living Area

Garage doors don’t have to be just for cars. There are a number of ways you can use overhead doors to improve your outdoor space by combing both function and beauty. Bar counter doors and roll up kitchen windows are a great way to create an exciting new outdoor space. These doors allow people to interact outside and inside, while also adding a stylish element to your home.

Types of Outdoor Living Garage Doors

Full View Glass Countertop Door

If you have a basement kitchen connected to your patio, then a glass countertop door might be perfect for you! This glass garage door for outdoor living spaces is a great way to connect the different parts of your house. This type of door creates an outdoor bar that allows your guests to interact with the people in the kitchen area. Instead of having closed-off spaces, you can combine them in a fun and interactive way. This is the perfect door for entertaining!

glass countertop door

Bifold Windows

Bifold windows are another great option for an outdoor living garage door. This type of bar counter door folds open, instead of rolling up. It’s one of our popular garage door types for outdoor living renovations. These horizontal folding windows provide a stylish way to entertain in your outdoor space.

bifold windows

Gas Strut Windows

Gas strut windows are a popular type of folding window. Everything stays outside with these, so you don’t have to worry about rolling in a window when you want to use it; simply fold them out! This one-of-a-kind look is simple to maintain and will impress all of your guests. This is a great option if you have limited indoor space but still want the look of an outdoor living door.

gas strut windows
outdoor living garage doors

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Reasons to Get an Outdoor Living Garage Door

There are many reasons to install one of these stylish doors.

  • It will liven up your patio space and enrich your entertainment area.
  • It will provide good insulation.
  • It will provide easier access between the kitchen and outdoors.
  • It will make your entertainment parties more exciting.
  • It will add to the beauty of your home.

You won’t regret installing one of these outdoor living garage doors or windows in your home. Call us today to get started.

Roll Up Kitchen Windows and Bar Counter Doors Near You

If you need a roll up kitchen window or bar counter door in Buford GA, then give Aaron Overhead Doors a call. Whether you want a door that will roll up, slide inside, or fold upwards, we can help you pick out the perfect door or window that suits your needs perfectly. Our highly trained technicians will be able to design and install this wonderful new element in your home. You’ll love it!

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Phantom Screens

Screens from Phantom Screens Atlanta are all retractable and custom to your entry door, window, garage, or patio openings. Questions or inquiries about the design, installation, or repair of your screen, contact Phantom Screens Atlanta!

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