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Garage Door Design Center In Milton, GA

“Your Chance to See & Feel Gorgeous Garage Doors in Our Garage Door Design Center!”

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Your Chance to See & Feel Gorgeous Garage Doors in Our Garage Door Design Center!

Aaron Overhead Doors has a brand new Design Center located in Milton, GA! This Design Center is built with fully operational garage doors from different manufacturers, in different materials and styles. If you are looking for a new garage door, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to see them in action. We only use the best manufacturers who produce excellent garage doors with durability and safety in mind. Our Milton Design Center is a space where you can view some beautiful garage doors and openers. You’ll also get to experience how the garage doors operate, which gives you a picture of which garage door will give you the features you’re looking for.

We also have garage door openers on display from Genie and LiftMaster, which are top-of-the-line companies that produce products that customers love. These garage door openers have a quiet operation, with some offering smart features that connect the opener to mobile devices through an app. Smart garage door openers even offer security features meant to keep your garage door safe. We provide some great options to choose from that will give you an exceptional garage door system.

When visiting our Milton Design Center, service professionals from Aaron Overhead Doors will be present to answer your questions and give recommendations. We are confident that we can help you find the best garage door for your home, which will match your style preferences, budget, and location. Our team is knowledgeable about all the garage door types, and their advantages and disadvantages. If you come to visit our Milton garage door Design Center, our team at Aaron Overhead Doors will welcome you with open arms and help you find the perfect garage door and operator for your home. 

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Come visit our Milton garage door Design Center so you can experience these wonderful garage doors for yourself. See how these doors operate and experience their vivid colors, textures, and style in person. 

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Garage Doors On Display:

CHI Accent Plank 

Cedar Plank Garage Door Design Center CHI Accent Series
CHI Cedar Accent Series Plank Garage Door Design Center Milton GA

CHI’s plank doors are gorgeous, modern-looking doors that can greatly complement a home. These wood-look garage doors come in a variety of colors and options for wood-tone accents. They have a wood grain texture that gives off the feel of handcrafted wood. The material still offers the durability and strength that comes with steel. The windows are typically aligned off-center to the right or left and can be customized with different glass textures. The windows can be sized: short, long, or oversized. These modern garage doors also offer polystyrene insulation.

ArmRLite Glass Garage Door

Black Glass Garage Door Design Center Milton GA
Black Glass Garage Door Design Center Milton GA

ArmRLite glass garage doors are a beautiful choice. Glass allows natural light to flow through the garage. Glass is paired with aluminum frames to offer durability and safety for the garage door. Glass doors are also lightweight; ArmRLite glass doors are 30-60% lighter than wood and steel doors. This contributes to smoother operations with less maintenance. They’re resilient to corrosion and can have tinted glass to help with privacy. These glass garage doors are gorgeous for any type of home. 

Ranch House Custom Wood Garage Door

Custom Wood Garage Door Design Center Milton GA
Custom Wood Garage Door Design Center Milton GA

Ranch House doors have stunning architectural features. These custom wood garage doors are made from high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. Custom-designed doors are made with your preferences and style in mind. You can consider various styles, such as Spanish/Tuscany, Cape Cod, Craftsman, Contemporary, Vintage, and Classic Rail. These artisan doors are designed to majorly complement your home and they give creative freedom. Choose your style, colors, and construction features to create the best garage door for your home.

Amarr Black Classica

Amarr Classica Black Milton GA Garage Door Design Center
Amarr Classica Black Milton GA Garage Door Design Center

Amarr’s Classica collection offers durable steel construction that gives an authentic, stylish look. These doors are low maintenance and feature beautiful windows and the opportunity for polystyrene insulation. Amarr Black Classica doors offer a high R-value which is important for energy efficiency. Black garage doors have flown into style throughout the past few years. They offer a bold and modern look for your garage door that can skyrocket your curb appeal. Black offers contrast against the more neutral tones of your home, which makes your garage door pop. This is a wonderful choice for anyone who wants their garage door to stand out and make a statement. 

Clopay Canyon Ridge

Clopay’s Canyon Ridge collection comes with different designs, styles, and construction features. Their faux wood material resembles real wood, which gives off a unique, rustic appearance. They’re able to be customized with a polymer material that can be finished in various color options. With a high R-value and durable insulation, these Canyon Ridge doors are energy efficient and UV resistant. These doors are also resistant to moisture, unlike normal wood garage doors. You can choose your overlay grain: Pecky Cypress, Clear Cypress, and Mahogany. There are also decorative hardware options, such as windows, that you can choose to add to your Clopay Canyon Ridge door. You can find carriage and modern doors with the Clopay Canyon collection, with different amounts of construction layers. These doors are both beautiful and durable, which makes them an excellent choice for your home. 

CHI Accent Series Carriage Stamp 5283/5983

The CHI accent series is another wonderful choice for new garage doors. The carriage stamp series is available in many colors: white, almond, sandstone, brown, desert tan, and graphite. Their wood-tone choices are walnut, driftwood, mahogany, cedar, dark oak, natural oak, and carbon oak. Window inserts are customizable with plain glass, frosted glass, tinted, and more options. You can even get a designer glass, with the options of Newport, Florence, Hampton, and LaSalle. The stamped carriage house style comes with long panels, 2-sided steel, a high R-value, and a lifetime warranty. 

Clopay Gallery Carriage Door

Clopay’s Gallery collection offers classic-style carriage doors that will complement your home. Built with polystyrene insulation, their operation is quiet and energy-efficient. These doors come with beautiful windows and decorative handles along with panel edging and texture that’s sure to improve your curb appeal. These carriage doors are available in a variety of colors and can be customized to your preferences. The carriage style is a classic that’s sure to remain popular for years to come.