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Are you ready to schedule a new garage door consultation for your home? We’re ready to help! With our free new door consultations, we can guide you through selecting a style, material, and size. To make the experience comfortable and seamless for you, we offer both in-person and virtual consultations.

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Our clients tell us they want convenience, quality work, and “WOW” customer service. So that’s what we deliver.

In-Person Consultations 

For in-person appointments, we will visit your home on your schedule. During the 1-2 hour meeting, we will assess your current garage door and measure the opening. We then ask questions about your budget, preferred style or materials, and the timeline for installation. We also provide samples of insulation, color, and materials so you can feel the differences and make the most informed decision. Even better, we have door-building software to show your favorite door options in your home. 

Virtual Consultations

For virtual consultations, you can meet with one of our experienced design consultants over video chat to discuss new garage door options. The same as in-person consultation, they will ask questions about your budget and vision for a new door to offer you the best choices for your home. Although you won’t be able to feel the insulation and material samples, your design consultant will show you the various alternatives. This appointment can give you a good idea of the new garage doors available from brands to materials to prices.

Garage Door Design Center Milton GA

Aaron Overhead Doors has a brand new Design Center located in Milton, GA!

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If you’re ready to schedule your new door design consultation in person or online, we’re ready to help you find a great new garage door! Use the booking software below to make your appointment or reach out to us directly at 678-960-3360. We will set up your appointment at your earliest convenience.