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The term “curtain wall” can be broadly applied to many products that separate areas within a large industrial space. For example, body shop curtains, industrial curtains, and roll up curtains all fall under this name but can be applied for very different uses. Working with the leading manufacturer, Goff’s Curtain Walls, we can find the best curtain walls to upgrade the function of your business. 

Also, view our other options for protecting your employees and increasing the productivity of your business below! We can install welding curtains, soundproof curtains, climate control curtains, personal safety partitions, and high-performance vinyl & mesh doors. Want to learn more about how we can upgrade your business or industrial space? Give us a call at 678-960-3360 to discuss your options. 

What Are Curtain Walls?

Curtain walls give you the safety and privacy of a real wall with the added perk of movability. This allows you to cut down on building costs and maximize the space in your warehouse or loading bay. Curtain walls are important for containing air-borne contaminants, controlling heat or cold loss, and reducing your energy costs. They also ensure the safety of your employees in large common areas like painting bays, blasting bays, wash bays, or maintenance bays. As you can see in the full list of Goff’s Curtain Wall products below, our wide selection of options allows us to upgrade any industrial space with curtain walls. 

  • Aircraft Partitions
  • Aluminum Bay
  • Body Shop Curtains
  • Food Processing “Clean” Curtains
  • Hazmat Curtains
  • Industrial Curtains
  • Outdoor Curtains
  • Privacy Screens
  • Roll Up Curtains
  • Room Divider Curtains
  • Stock Curtains
  • Wash Bay Curtains
  • Woodworking Curtains

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Wedding Curtains

Welding curtains are an important part of many industrial spaces to keep workers and customers safe. We offer top-quality Goff’s welding curtains to protect from weld arc, sparks, and flash burn. Importantly, welding screens also prevent hazardous fumes or chemicals from entering the general working area. Available in both drop-down and portable options, we can find the best welding screen for your business. Our high-temp welding curtains offer industry-leading protection, useful for multiple applications including welding, cutting, grinding, or molten metal splash. 

  • Welding Curtains
  • Weld-Grind Work Cells
  • Weld Blankets
  • Goff’s Tuff Screens
Welding Curtain

Industrial Soundproof Curtains

In hectic, noisy work environments, soundproof curtains are an important investment to ensure the productivity and comfort of your employees. From Goff’s, we install noise canceling curtains to improve employee working conditions by reducing sound transmission to 45db. We recommend installing soundproof curtains if your industrial spaces use HVAC, blowers, compressors, or large machinery. 

These soundproof curtains are built with durable, sleek panes and thick insulation to give your industrial space any needed soundproofing or privacy. They are also available in ceiling dropdown sound control screens and portable sound curtains, depending on the needs of your business. 

  • Air Compressor Curtains
  • Sound Control Screens
  • Sound Curtains
Soundproof Curtains

Climate Control Curtains

When you’re ready to increase the temperature control and energy efficiency of your industrial space, consider climate control curtains. These specialized curtain walls are lined with double-paned and insulation-lined vinyl to dramatically reduce temperature loss. Climate control curtains are an excellent way to save energy, ensure privacy, and confine contaminants or odors. They are broadly useful for a wide range of businesses including freezer or cooler areas, loading docks, and food processing lines.

Climate Control Curtains

Personal Safety Partitions

To ensure the safety of your employees and customers during COVID-19, consider installing personal safety partitions in your business. We have available options including partitions that hang from the ceiling and ones that install on the floor as a clear, wall-like barrier. These personal safety partitions are great for restaurants, bars, office spaces, medical offices, and checkout counters. Put your customers at ease and minimize the use of masks by having personal safety partitions installed throughout your business. 

  • Hanging Partition
  • Portable Partition
  • Tabletop Partition
  • Tabletop Cubicle
Personal Safety Partitions

High-Performance Vinyl & Mesh Doors

Install high-performance doors on the interior or exterior of your business to increase productivity and energy efficiency. These doors operate at optimal speeds to quickly open up or block specific areas of your industrial space. Our high-performance doors are available in vinyl or mesh material, so we can find the perfect door for your industrial space. 

Designed to upgrade loading docks, forklift traffic, car washes, or ramp doors, the applications of a high-performance vinyl or mesh door are endless. These high-performance doors are also available for low, medium, or heavy-duty use depending on the volume of your warehouse. 

  • High-Performance Doors
  • Wash Guard Doors
  • Clean Guard Doors
  • Fall Guard Safety Doors
  • Intermediate Doors
  • Bug Screen Doors
Curtain Walls