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Beyond just garage door repair and installation for the North Georgia and North Atlanta areas, Aaron Overhead Doors also installs, repairs, and services HVLS or industrial ceiling fans. Installed directly onto the ceiling like a residential overhead fan, their massive blades do the work to regulate the temperature of any business space. To upgrade the appearance and functionality of your warehouse or restaurant, choose an overhead industrial fan. With their modern and energy-efficient design, a new HVLS fan will increase the comfort and convenience of your workspace.

What are HVLS Fans?

Standing for High-Volume Low-Speed, HVLS fans are a popular choice for cooling large industrial spaces because they create a maximum output of airflow while utilizing a minimum amount of energy. Although standard residential ceiling fans tend to operate at a high speed to create enough airflow to cool a room, overhead industrial fans turn at a slow, even rate to efficiently regulate temperature. Because these big fans can do the work to cool off your building without racking up your energy costs, they are an excellent option to upgrade any commercial or industrial area. In particular, industrial ceiling fans are useful in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Indoor warehouses, shops, hotels, and sports facilities install large fans to get the best cooling power and quiet operation. Also, you can upgrade outdoor areas like restaurant patio dining, open-air markets, or agricultural buildings with a new fan. 

In both the summer and winter months, overhead industrial fans increase the air quality and regulate the temperature of commercial buildings. In the summer, high temperatures can decrease productivity as your employees struggle through the heat. But with an HVLS fan evenly distributing cold air and providing circulation, your warehouse or restaurant will be much cooler. In the winter, an industrial ceiling fan still does the work to make your warehouse a more comfortable place. It can be operated in reverse to redistribute the air, keeping your closed-up building from becoming stuffy. This also helps to circulate the warm air instead of having pockets of heat in only portions of the room. All in all, an HVLS fan does consistent work to keep your industrial building at a comfortable temperature year-round. 

Where to Buy Industrial Fans

Here at Aaron Overhead Doors, we resource from great manufacturers to bring you the best brand, size, and customization options for your new warehouse fan. When you purchase an industrial fan from us, we can ensure minimum wait times on shipping and expert installation from our experienced technicians. So no matter the particular needs of your space, we can find the best fan for you and have it installed quickly and reliably. 

Choose an Overhead Industrial Fan Over a Barrel Fan

If you’re currently cooling your business with a barrel fan, you know they are energy guzzlers, difficult to maintain, and noisy. Although set-up and affordability may create an initially easy experience, years of use will show that barrel fans don’t hold up against wear. That is why investing in an overhead industrial fan is the best choice to increase the efficiency and convenience of your business. In fact, an industrial fan combines the best of energy efficiency, low maintenance upkeep, and quiet operation. 

Energy Efficiency 

HVLS fans are a feat of engineering designed to create the most cooling power while exerting the least amount of energy. This is achieved with an efficient HP motor and blades constructed to maximize airflow. Because these fans require less energy from your HVAC system to cool your building, you save on operating costs. Instead of the high HP and energy demands of a barrel fan that drive up your expenses, choose an energy-efficient shop fan. 

Low Maintenance

While barrel fans need regular maintenance to battle wear, an overhead industrial fan can operate independently for years. Built with durable products and minimal moving parts, HVLS fans need little to no maintenance even over decades of use. With this low maintenance product, your one-time investment saves money long-term by preventing the need for regular mechanical upkeep or cleaning. 

Quiet Operation

Beyond the operation and maintenance headaches of barrel fans, they are also extremely noisy, especially running at high enough speeds to cool your warehouse in the summer. Instead of bearing the constant buzz and talking over the noise, choose an almost silent industrial overhead fan. The smooth, slow turns of the long blades create the same airflow as a barrel fan with a fraction of the energy and sound. 

Space Saving

Because barrel fans can take up a large amount of floor space, you have to make room to fit them into your business. You also have to clear the area in front of the fan so that the airflow isn’t obstructed. But with an overhead industrial fan, floor space and unobstructed airflow aren’t a problem. From overhead, an HVLS fan will evenly distribute the air, cooling the entire space. 

Industrial Fan Installation

Our Industrial Fan Products

Our excellent industrial overhead fans are from one of the best and oldest manufacturers: Hunter Fans. Founded in 1886, they have had over a century to perfect their motor technology and fan design. All of their quality and workmanship have innovated a line of four industrial ceiling fans including the Titan, Eco, XP, and Trak. Comparable to another popular manufacturer, Big Ass Fans, Hunter Fans are an excellent option to upgrade the cooling level and operating convenience of your commercial building. 

Hunter Fans Options

Hunter Fans has a line of four commercial fan options including the Titan, Eco, XP, and Trak. Each of these is available in multiple sizes, colors, and HPs. The sizes range from 7-24 feet in diameter. For style, you can select powder coating in eleven colors ranging from standard black or gray to bold red or blue. Lastly, you can choose the voltage and downrod length of your fan. These customizations allow you to create the perfect fan to match both the design and functionality needs of your business. 

Hunter Industrial Fans are compliant with the Buy American Act! 

Because buying American is becoming a rising concern for many purchasers of HVLS fans, we want to assure you that Hunter Fans are compliant with the Buy America Act. Read the certification letter from Hunter Fans here. Although there is no ‘official’ certification document for “Buy American Act Compliant,” products must follow these guidelines:

  1. The article must be manufactured in the United States
  2. The cost of domestic components must exceed 50 percent of the cost of all the components
  3. Unmanufactured products mined or produced in the United States

We are proud to work with an industrial fan manufacturer that values American-made products! Contact us for more details!


Sizes: 14′, 16′, 18′, 20′, 24′

Voltage: 220V Single or 3 Phase; 460V 3 Phase

Downrod Length: 3′ or 4′

Titan Industrial Overhead Fan
Titan Hunter Industrial Fan


Sizes: 8′, 10′, 12′, 14′, 16′, 18′, 20′, 24′

Voltage: 220V Single or 3 Phase; 460V 3 Phase

Downrod Length: 2′, 3′, or 4′


Sizes: 7′, 8′, 10′, 12′, 14′

Voltage: 110V Single Phase

Downrod Length: 2′

XP Hunter Overhead Fan


Sizes: 5′, 6′, 7′, 8′

Voltage: 120V Single Phase; 220V Single Phase

Downrod Length: 2′, 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′

Trak Hunter Overhead Fan

Hunter Fans Controllers

A Hunter commercial overhead fan goes beyond just increasing the cooling power and energy efficiency of your industrial space, it also helps you operate with the best convenience. This is because Hunter fans come standard with wall remotes. The three control options available–350, 430, and 700 Series HVLS Controllers–help you easily operate your fan. You can even customize your control by scheduling operating times, changing fan speed, and even alternating the blade direction. Installed at the same time as your overhead fan, the wall remote allows you to monitor and control your overhead commercial fan with one touch. 

350 Series

350 Series Hunter Fans Controller

430 Series

430 Series Hunter Fans Controller

700 Series

700 Series Controller Hunter Fans


To upgrade your business with a shop fan, warehouse fan, or restaurant fan, choose the expert installers at Aaron Overhead Doors. We can offer you a wide range of size and product options to give you the best new fan to upgrade your business. For more information about our industrial overhead fan options, contact us today! We would love to discuss your options and schedule a free consultation.