8 Must-Ask Questions When Choosing New Garage Doors
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8 Must-Ask Questions When Choosing New Garage Doors

Simplify the Process of Choosing New Garage Doors

Are you in the market for new garage doors? Are your old doors costing you time and money in repairs, or are you ready to sell your home and need an instant boost in curb appeal? Or maybe you’re building a new home and need to choose garage doors that will add to your home’s aesthetic. Either way, most homeowners don’t realize how many options they have when choosing new garage doors, which can make the installation process stressful and overwhelming. 

Knowing what to expect when choosing new garage doors will help you feel confident that the doors you choose perfectly match your home’s exterior, your personal preferences, and your budget! Our Aaron Overhead Doors team put together these eight questions to ask yourself when choosing new garage doors to simplify the process and make garage door installation an enjoyable experience:

What Garage Door Style Do I Like?

There are four main garage door styles to consider when choosing new garage doors for your home: traditional, carriage house, modern, and contemporary. Consider your home’s overall look and feel as you choose a door style. If you’re building a brand new home in a chic neighborhood, a modern or contemporary garage door, such as our brand new line of Axolotl Garage Doors, will look great! If your home’s architecture has more of a farmhouse feel, a carriage house door will complement it perfectly.

What is the Best Material For My Garage Door?

Several garage door materials are available, each with pros and cons. The material you choose impacts the overall quality of your door, in addition to its maintenance requirements, daily function, energy efficiency, longevity, and cost. Read our blog about the “Best Garage Door Materials” for more information, and contact our team for more details on the following materials we offer:

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Should My Garage Door Blend In or Stand Out?

Garage door color depends partially on your chosen material and your preference. A wood garage door, for example, will mainly come in natural wood grain finishes, while a steel door can be painted in any number of colors! Consider the color of your home’s siding, trim, brick, etc., to ensure the color you choose complements the existing exterior. You can choose a matching color or a bold and unique color, but either way, it should be pleasing to the eye!

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Should I Add Extra Insulation to My New Garage Door?

Garage doors directly impact your home’s energy efficiency, so consider this when choosing new garage doors! Wood garage doors are natural insulators, while steel doors are more likely to let cool air escape in the summer and warm air in the winter. However, most garage doors can have extra layers of insulation added between the panels to reduce heat transfer. Adding 1-3 extra layers of insulation is a customization option that pays dividends in the long run!


Do I Want Garage Door Windows?

Windows allow natural light into your garage and add to the overall design of your garage doors. So if your answer to this question is yes, then there are more questions to consider, such as:

  • How many windows? 
  • What glass type?
  • Where should the windows be placed?

What Garage Door Brand Will Best Meet My Needs?

An essential part of choosing new garage doors is selecting a brand that stands behind its products and is dedicated to long-lasting, high-quality garage door products. Ask about manufacturer warranties for extra peace of mind and protection from premature issues. With the right brand and professional garage door service, your new doors can last up to 30 years! At Aaron Overhead Doors, we offer the following garage door brands:

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  • Clopay
  • Amarr
  • Wayne Dalton
  • ArmRLite
  • Ranch House Doors
  • Raynor Garage Doors
  • Haas Door
  • And More!

What Is My Garage Door Installation Budget?

Knowing your budget will help you prioritize what matters most to you when choosing new garage doors. If you have a lot of freedom in this area, the sky’s the limit, and custom garage doors are a fantastic choice to get you the door of your dreams. If you’re working with a limited budget, ask yourself what’s most important: safety and security, material, overall look, or noise level during opening and closing? Your priorities will guide your choices!

Who Should I Hire to Install My New Garage Doors?

New garage doors are an investment in your future. Professional garage door installation is a must, and choosing a garage door company that keeps your best interest in mind is the only way to go. At Aaron Overhead Door, our service areas span the Metro Atlanta area with locations in Buckhead, Milton, and Buford, GA. Our team is committed to delivering outstanding customer service and workmanship with every interaction. Research your local garage door company to ensure they’re a good fit for you by reading customer reviews.

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Have Your Own Questions? Ask Aaron Overhead Doors!

If these eight must-ask questions led to more questions of your own, we’d love to hear from you! At Aaron Overhead Doors, we specialize in assisting homeowners with choosing new garage doors they love and feel good about. 

Check out our gallery for examples of popular garage door styles, materials, and customizations available for garage door installation near Buford, GA. Book an appointment to get started and take advantage of our current specials!