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5 Security Tips to Make Your Garage Safer

Did you know an unsecured or outdated garage door is a common entry point for home invasions? Because of this, you need to consider how you can improve garage door security and protect your home. If you’re unsure where to start, here are our tips for preventing garage door break-ins and ensuring your home remains secure. 

The Most Common Garage Door Security Risks

It only takes a thief a few minutes to identify a weak spot and use that to gain entrance to your home. The most common garage door security risks include:

  • Faulty Locks
  • Neglected Maintenance
  • Lack of Security System
  • Outdated Garage Doors and Openers

Outdated garage door systems, broken locks, and poorly maintained garage doors make your home a target for thieves looking to get an easy score off the contents of your garage or even home. Stay ahead of home invaders with these five tips for securing your garage door.

5 Tips for Securing Your Garage Door

1. Install Exterior Lighting

No exterior lighting creates a perfect setting for a thief to examine your home without the risk of being seen. Installing exterior lighting is a great way to warn off thieves. Place the lights at strategic points near your front door, back door, and garage to cover common entry points. 

If you’re worried about the lights shining into bedrooms during the night, install motion-activated lights so you’ll immediately know when someone is around your property, but the lights won’t bother you otherwise. 

2. Use Garage Door Locks

Garage door locks guarantee your garage remains secure against an invader. If you can manually open your garage doors, always keep them locked from the interior, especially overnight or if you’re going on a trip. Garage door locks attach directly to your door and are easy to install if you want to add one to your existing system. Automatic garage doors also come with locks that you can trigger from your phone to keep your garage secure at the touch of a button. 

3. Keep the Door Closed and Locked at All Times

The best way to make sure no one enters your garage without your permission is by keeping your door closed and locked at all times. This means not leaving your garage door open unnecessarily when you are away or even when you’re using garage equipment for long periods of time. Although thieves may not strike when you’re home, the open garage door allows them to examine what’s in your garage and plan for a later attack. Instead, keep your garage door closed and secure. 

4. Tinted Garage Door Windows 

If thieves know you have valuable tools, equipment, or merchandise in your garage, they are more likely to steal from you. One way they can check out what’s in your garage is through clear garage door windows. To increase your garage door security, we recommend investing in tinted or etched garage door windows that prevent anyone from seeing into your garage but still let in plenty of natural light. 

5. Update Your Garage Door Opener

An outdated garage door opener is a major weak spot for your garage door security because they don’t have rolling opener codes like newer models. Rolling opener codes mean the garage door remote sends a new open code with every use, preventing thieves from finding the code and using it to gain access to your garage. Smart garage door openers also come with smartphone control, allowing you to monitor your garage door activity at any time. 

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Wondering Where to Get Help with Garage Door Security?

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