Custom Wood Garage Doors Atlanta

Wood garage doors can be made to your specific needs. All we need is a picture of what you want and measurements. We have our wood garage doors made for your specific house.


Contemporary Wood Garage Door

Made of only the finest wood we built this wood garage door for a new construction.

custom natural cedar wood garage door

Custom Wood Garage Door

We installed this door and the homeowner wanted to keep it a natural wood without a finish on it. They only sealed it to keep the weather conditions from damaging the door.

custom wood garage door

Carriage Style Wood Garage Door

This is a custom wood garage door we installed with a vertical panel and windows.

Custom Wood Garage Doors

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  • RHD-207620
  • RHD-205819
  • RHD-200520
  • RHD-84120 Ranch House
  • RHD-70419
  • RHD-58519 ranch house
  • RHD-58220 ranch house
  • RHD-52220 Ranch House
  • RHD-52120 ranch house doors
  • RHD-52020 Ranch House
  • RHD-51720 Ranch House
  • RHD-51119 Ranch House
  • RHD-50319 Ranch House
  • RHD-50219 Ranch House
  • RHD-44019 Ranch House
  • RHD-43819 Ranch House
  • RHD-43719 Ranch House
  • RHD-43519 Ranch House
  • RHD-43419 Ranch House
  • RHD-43219 Ranch House
  • RHD-43019 Ranch House
  • RHD-42019 Ranch House
  • RHD-40019 Ranch House
  • RHD-10419
  • RHD-10319
Wood Garage Doors

Ranch House Doors is based in California and is family owned for over 20 years. The quality and excellence is why we chose Ranch House Doors to be our Wood Garage Door Manufacture. There isn’t a better wood garage door manufacture on the market.