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Our Take On Garage Door Openers

We came into the industry with pretty strong opinions on the best brands for garage door openers. We’ve always been open to new ideas and products. The market has shifted and we’ve adapted to new ideas. We offer the best garage door openers for multiple brands. In our experience, each of the brands we carry has something unique to offer. After all, a garage door opener is one of the most important aspects of your garage door system. It is the motor that works to move your door up and down.

That is why it is necessary to purchase a reliable opener and have it installed by a garage door company you can trust. Aaron Overhead Doors is a Certified LiftMaster and Genie dealer. Additionally, we recently became an exclusive SOMMER Operators dealer in our area. We install LiftMaster, Genie, and Sommer openers, but we also service and repair all brands of openers. Our excellent relationship with each of these brands helps us to get you the best opener for the best price. Our openers are installed between $500 – $750 depending on model and difficulty of job. If you have any questions, feel free to call and ask at 678-960-3360.

Garage Door Opener Types

There are five primary types of garage door openers: chain-drive, belt-drive, screw-drive, jackshaft-drive, and direct-drive. The opener is most commonly located on the ceiling of your garage, but a jackshaft-drive opener is place on the wall beside your garage door. Jackshaft-openers allow for high lift tracks or storage on the ceiling of your garage. In terms of noise level, chain-drive and screw-drive openers operate with a lot of metal moving parts so they create the most vibrations and noise. On the other end, belt-drive and direct-drive openers have the least amount of moving parts so are the quietest. When you call us, we can help you identify the type of garage door opener you have based on its location and brand name. This will allow us to find any potential warranties on your opener and its parts or find a replacement model that will suit your home.

Modern openers are outfitted to make your garage door system quiet, reliable, and convenient. Our favorite models, listed above, come standard with the best upgrades from LED lights to built-in Wi-Fi to security and safety technology. This allows you to trust to your garage door system to protect your home and your family. Many even include a back-up battery so that you can enter and exit your garage in a power outage. No matter your specific home needs, we can find the best garage door opener to fit you.

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