Genie Wall Mount Garage Door Opener Model 6170 and 6070 ATL
Genie 6170 Smart Garage Door Opener

Genie 6070 & 6170 Garage Door Opener

Price: $450
  • Wall mounted design to free up your garage ceiling space
  • Intellicode Security to secure your garage with every use
  • HomeLink and Car2U Compatibility
  • Overhead LED light fixture
  • Door Lock to ensure the safety of your home
  • Comes with one remote
  • Standard installation is $225 (Listed price based on product only)
  • +$75 6170 Opener (6170 comes with backup battery and Aladdin connect)

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The Genie 6170 and 6070 Side Mount openers feature a compact, clean design that blends with your garage interior. As a wall mounted opener, these openers connect directly to the garage door springs. This allows for reduced vibrations and a quiet operation. Because we install the openers beside the garage door, there is no need for an overhead rail or powerhead. This design creates an uncluttered ceiling and also frees up the space for a car lift or overhead storage.

Genie products also come standard with the latest security and safety technology unique to their brand. These include Safe-T-Beam and IntelliCode so you can always feel confident that your garage door is safe for your family and a guarded entrance for your home. For the 6070 in particular, it comes standard with a garage door lock and bright LED light fixture. This allows you to operate with confidence in your garage at any time of day. Whatever the particular needs of your garage door space, the Genie 6070 Side Mount opener can meet them. The 6170 also comes with integrated Aladdin Connect technology for remote opening and voice control abilities through an app on your smartphone. 

The Genie 6070 & 6170 Include:
  • Wireless Wall Console
  • LED Light Fixture
  • Door Lock
  • Pre-Programmed Wireless Remote
  • Aladdin Connect Integration (6170 Only)
Garage Door Opener Specs

Drive Type – Direct

Motor – DC

Motor Power – 24V

  • Motor Warranty: Limited 15-Year
  • Parts Warranty: Limited 5-Year
  • Accessories Warranty: Limited 1-Year
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