Garage Door Opener Installation

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Garage Door Opener Installation

Garage Door Opener Installation

Your garage door opener is the most important element of your garage door system. The strength of its motor determines the long term reliability and functionality of your garage door. That is why you need to hire a company that performs garage door opener installation with the best parts. Here at Aaron Overhead Doors, we are garage door opener installation experts. From installing the best brands to providing the most knowledgeable technicians, we are here to make sure you get the best garage door opener installation experience. 

Do We Install Garage Door Openers?

Yes, we do! We typically stock LiftMaster Garage Door Openers, Genie Garage Door Openers, and SOMMER Garage Door Openers. However, we don’t carry all models for these manufacturers. We’ve tested different garage door opener models and can recommend the right garage door opener to you based on your needs. Learn more about the particular models we install on our Garage Door Openers product page.

How Much Do Garage Door Openers Cost?

Garage door opener installation cost by a professional is around $250-500. Of course, this price will depend on the type and brand of garage door opener you choose. For example, chain drive garage door openers tend to be the most affordable, while belt and jackshaft drive garage door opener options are more expensive. Also, although they are on the higher end, we recommend belt drive garage door openers to maximize the life expectancy of your garage door opener.

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How Long Do Garage Door Openers Last?

Homeowners often ask us how long garage door openers last. The life span varies, but I want to give some context before we jump into the specifics. Most everything on a garage door including the motor is measured by cycle life. A cycle is a full open and close of the garage door. The more you open and close your garage door, the shorter the life of your garage door opener will be. However, in recent years homeowners have been entering through their garage door more often than using their front door, quickening that life cycle. 

During my time owning Aaron Overhead Doors, I’ve found that there are a few current garage door opener manufacturers that tend to last longer than others. For example, the LiftMaster opener has an excellent reputation due to its low maintenance and long lasting qualities. Another variable to consider when determining the life span of your garage door opener is the garage door opener installation. Even a great motor can live a short life if it isn’t installed properly or if the garage door springs aren’t performing properly. This is because the garage door springs are the counterbalance system for the garage door, doing the heavy lifting, while the motor guides the garage door through the tracks.

So, the question was this: How long do garage door openers last? We see LiftMaster Garage Door Openers last between 15 – 20 years. However, that’s in excellent conditions. Anything less than excellent conditions can reduce life to 8 – 12 years. We recommend belt drive garage door openers for these types of expectations on life expectancy.

Garage Door Opener Installation

Garage Door Opener Installation

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What are our options for garage door opener installation?

Working with the best garage door opener manufacturers, we can bring you the best new garage door openers. Our favorite brands include LiftMaster Garage Door Openers, Genie Garage Door Openers, and Sommer Garage Door Openers. Because we’ve tested each of these garage door opener brands, we are confident you will be satisfied with the operation of your new garage door opener. View more information on our Garage Door Openers page or explore the individual garage door opener models by clicking below!

What are the different types of garage door openers?

Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

This is the most common and affordable type of garage door opener. It operates on a chain that connects the trolley to a motor. However, since most of the parts are metal, it has a very noisy operation due to all the vibration. This means it isn’t a great option if you have a room above or beside the garage. But if you are looking for a simple system that gets the job done, this could be the best garage door opener installation choice for you.

Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

Instead of a chain, this garage door opener operates on a rubber belt. This makes them a great smooth motion alternative to the noisier chain drive. In fact, belt drive is known for being one of the quietest garage door opener options. They are also longer lasting because the lack of frequent vibrations reduces the need for repairs. Our LiftMaster Garage Door Opener line features several options for belt drive garage door openers which you can view here.

Screw Drive Garage Door Opener

For this opener, a trolley moves along a threaded steel rod while the motor rotates the rod in order to open and close the door. This type of opener tends to land as the midrange option between chain and belt drive openers in terms of quiet operation and longevity. However, we tend to recommend replacing this type of opener for an updated model.

Jackshaft Drive Garage Door Opener

This is one of the more modern options for garage door openers. Instead of being installed on the ceiling like most openers, a jackshaft is placed on the wall beside the garage door. It is a great option if you have a high ceiling and want a high lift track or if you want to install storage on the ceiling of your garage. However, it is more expensive than most other openers and doesn’t fit every garage door system.

Direct Drive Garage Door Opener

This features a stationary chain inside a steel rail with only one moving part located in the traveling motor carriage. This mechanism makes it the quietest opener available. Additionally, the motor for direct drive openers comes with a lifetime warranty which means you can trust its long term functionality. Our SOMMER operator features this type of drive; you can learn more about it here.

High Lift Track

High Lift

A high lift track is a great option if you have taller ceilings and need extra room. For these tracks, our technicians will install extra attachments in order to bring your radius up. This allows the garage door to sit closer to the ceiling and gives you a larger clearance space. With this specialized track, you can move larger vehicles and store cars or equipment on a lift. This is a great option for new garage door opener installation option if you want to upgrade the functionality of your garage.

Vertical High Lift Track

Vertical Lift

Vertical lift tracks operate similarly to high lift tracks but allow your garage door to sit even higher. Like the name sounds, these tracks lift your garage door straight up so that it rests completely out of the way when not in use. In fact, it will sit straight and slightly back against the wall when in the upward position. This type of garage door track works best for a business with very high ceilings. Although this can be a tricky process for garage door opener installation, our expert garage door service professionals can get the job done right for you.

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If you need garage door opener installation, our expert technicians are ready to complete the job for you. We can guide you through selecting the best garage door opener brand and type of garage door opener for your budget or garage door needs. Contact us today so we can set up a consultation or call today for a free quote on garage door opener installation! Also, explore our Garage Door Opener products page for more information on the specific options you have for garage door opener installation. 

Frequently Asked Questions!

There are two motor sizes for garage door openers: 1/2 HP and 3/4 HP. 1/2 HP are used for single doors that measure 10′-12′. 3/4 HP motors are for larger doors, weighing up to 350 pounds. We work with all the major garage door opener manufacturers including LiftMaster Garage Door Openers, Genie Garage Door Openers, and Sommer Garage Door Openers. This means we can perform your garage door opener installation no matter the brand or size of the motor.

In most cases, yes, your garage door opener will come with a back-up battery. This is helpful if there is a power outage because you can still operate your garage door without electricity. Most LiftMaster Garage Door Openers, Genie Garage Door Openers, and Sommer Garage Door Openers come standard with a back-up battery. This is also an easy step up to complete with your garage door opener installation.

Yes, we do! We have options from LiftMaster Garage Door Operners (myQ), Genie Garage Door Openers (Aladdin Connect), and Sommer Garage Door Openers (SOMlink) for smartphone control. This allows you to operate and monitor your garage door from anywhere. Learn more about your options for smart garage door openers with our blog, “Best Smart Garage Door Openers.”

To have a quiet garage door opener, you need a DC motor and belt drive operation. In simple terms, the fewer moving parts on your garage door opener, the less vibrations and noise it will make. For the quietest garage door opener operation, a belt drive or direct drive garage door opener is best. We recommend the LiftMaster 8500 Garage Door Opener, LiftMaster WLED Garage Door Opener, and the Genie 6170 Garage Door Opener. Give us a call at 678-960-3360 if you want to learn more about your options for the quietest garage door opener.

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