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LiftMaster 84501 Garage Door Opener

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LiftMaster is known for its high-quality garage door openers, door operators, and accessories, but they have just set the bar even higher with four new groundbreaking LiftMaster Next Gen openers. As a leader in access solutions, they design and engineer residential garage door openers, commercial door operators, and products that are a cut above the rest. They’ve removed many of their older model openers and transformed their product line with the finest smart garage door openers on the market!  

LiftMaster Next Gen openers are feature-rich residential garage door openers built with customers in mind. The sleek design gives these openers an aesthetically pleasing, modern look. These openers also include innovative safety features and long-lasting mechanics that would be a great addition to any home.

The four new LiftMaster Next Gen Openers are: Model 87504-267, Model 87802, Model 84501, and Model 84602. Each of these smart garage door openers is equipped with the latest technology and is powered by myQ for remote smartphone control. Check out details on the four incredible new Liftmaster products below and choose the best to upgrade your home!

Model 87504-267

liftmaster 87504 garage door opener / LiftMaster Next Gen Openers

This Next Gen Secure View 87504 garage door opener is an extraordinary quiet belt drive smart opener with LED corner-to-corner lighting. With the built-in HD camera, homeowners can use the video features and two-way audio communication through the myQ app. The 1080p, glare-resistant, night vision lens will automatically adjust the lighting, so you can have a clear picture any time of the day. The camera can also tilt and rotate 360 degrees which means you can see every angle of your garage.

The motion detection 2,000 lumens ring light works with the safety sensors to give you peace of mind every time you enter or leave your garage. The noiseless smooth start and enduring DC motor is a great choice for any home looking for a new garage door opener. With all of these incredible features, your garage could not be safer or more comfortable. For the best security monitoring and reliable lifting power, we recommend investing in the Liftmaster 87504 garage door opener.

Model 84501

LiftMaster 84501 Garage Door Opener / LiftMaster Next Gen Openers

The Model 84501 garage door opener is also a virtually silent belt drive smart garage door opener. These Liftmaster Next Gen openers use some of the latest safety and security features, including:

  • Electronic protection against forced openings for the door. 
  • Safety sensors to stop the door from closing when there are people or objects nearby. 
  • Motion detection LED lighting that brightens your garage. 
  • Every time your garage door is locked, a secure code is sent to your garage door opener. 

On top of the innovative safety and security features, this LiftMaster opener can connect to Amazon Key. Amazon Key is a feature that allows garage delivery of packages and groceries. You can have your packages and groceries safely delivered to your garage without even having to be home! We can confidently say that the Liftmaster 84501 is a dependable garage door opener that will protect your home for many years. 

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Model 87802 

liftmaster 87802 garage door opener / LiftMaster Next Gen Openers

If you have a heavy garage door and need a heavy-duty garage door opener, then the Liftmaster 87802 is the opener for you. This new opener is a substantial chain drive opener that is built to open the heaviest garage doors. The I-beam rail system provides maximum support so that you have no issue opening and closing your door. You also don’t have to worry about a power outage stopping your garage door because this opener comes with a battery backup.

With the smooth start and stop operation and DC motor, you can depend on your model 87802 opener to work for many years. Worried about safety? The Liftmaster 87802 has a motion detection 360-degree LED ring light and safety sensors that will help keep you and your property safe. You can also add extra security features, such as an automatic garage door lock to ensure your garage is secure and safe. Get peace of mind and reliable operation with LiftMaster Next Gen Openers, especially the 87802 garage door opener!

Model 84602

liftmaster 84602 garage door opener / LiftMaster Next Gen Openers

The Liftmaster 84602 is a powerful and dependable chain drive opener and an affordable smart garage door choice. You can connect this opener to the myQ app and the Amazon Key app so that you are in control of your door from anywhere. You will never have to worry about not being able to use your door because there is a battery backup already installed. The 1500 lumens of light shine bright in high-traffic areas of your garage, so you can see everything. The DC motor provides long-term reliability in this chain drive opener. Even this basic model Liftmaster garage door opener gives you everything you could need and more for garage door opener installation.

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Here at Aaron Overhead Doors, we are skilled in garage door opener installation, and we can assist you with finding the right opener for you. LiftMaster Next Gen Openers offer unique qualities that will fit the needs of any home. When you are ready to pick your LiftMaster Next Gen garage door opener, you can count on Aaron Overhead Doors to be there for you! Call us today to learn more about LiftMaster Next Gen openers!