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Garage Door Color and Style Trends in 2021

The National 2021 Cost vs Value report lists garage door replacement as the number one service for return on investment, with a 93.8% return. This has become increasingly important as the 2021 real estate market skyrockets. But with so many colors, styles, and brands available, it can be difficult to choose the best new garage door for your home. Below, let’s discuss the rising garage door color and style trends in 2021, hopefully helping you make the best decision to upgrade your curb appeal.

Popular Garage Door Colors

Neutral colors have always held the spotlight for garage doors, but recently, we’ve seen some bolder color choices. While neutrals will never go out of style, it’s interesting to see some new additions. Here are trendy color choices that you may want to consider for your garage door.


Black is certainly a bold choice for any garage door. With certain homes, it can add just the right touch. It will cause the whole house to pop, exuding a sleek and modern style. Black can look very sophisticated on garage doors like a carriage house, traditional, or mid-century modern.



White is a classic that’s almost impossible to go wrong with. If you want a simple, clean look, white will most likely do the trick. Sometimes, it can even be a better choice than a tan or creme color, because it will tie the other colors of your house together.


Another classic neutral, almond can look very nice with houses that have lighter exteriors. This is a color that won’t go out of style anytime soon; it matches and highlights different styles.


This is a popular choice for homeowners and will most likely stay with the trends. As a neutral, it flows well with many colors that are typically used on the exterior of houses.


Brown is a pretty versatile color, as there are many shades of brown that can be used on garage doors. Another popular choice, brown will complement light or dark paint.

Brown Traditional Garage Door

Trending Garage Door Styles 

There are currently some very beautiful garage door designs rotating around the industry. As mentioned above, your garage door can be a major selling factor, as it contributes dramatically to curb appeal. You may want to consider some of the following designs next time you get a garage door replacement.

Mid-Centruy Modern Garage Doors

Mid-century modern garage doors capitalize on minimalism, focusing on clean, straight lines and angles. Some materials commonly used are glass, aluminum, and steel. Mid-century modern garage doors can be customized to fit the look of your home; you can choose color, size, and texture features.

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Contemporary design refers to what’s currently popular. Contemporary homes tend to follow the architectural trends of the 21st century. Contemporary garage doors encompass a large category; they can follow many different architectural styles. The sky’s the limit; your creativity can run free here.

Glass garage doors have become a major trend for contemporary design because they allow a lot of natural light to flow into your garage. They are also broadly customizable with insulation, patterns, and colors, while their aluminum frame provides great durability.

Contemporary Glass Garage Doors
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Cape Cod

If you have a lake house, cape cod style garage doors are a great way to tie in a coastal style. They’re typically traditional wood garage doors; they pull a lot of influence from the colonial time period. Cape cod homes tend to be rectangular and single-story, with steep and gabled roofs. In terms of color, many clients choose white, sandstone, or almond to finish off their cape cod style garage doors. 

White Carriage Garage Door Hoschton GA

Carriage House

Carriage garage doors have handles in the center that look like they could swing open in the same way as a traditional carriage house. Instead, the garage door functions normally by moving overhead. These doors are very traditional and look beautiful in a simple, classic way. They can also be customized with windows, colors, and textures.

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Traditional garage doors are another design that will never go out of style and continue to be the most popular choice for American homeowners. They are typically made from wood or steel and contain raised short or long panels. They have a very nice, clean-cut look that matches well with most home designs.

Steel Garage Doors

Energy Efficiency

Another increasingly important characteristic of garage door construction is energy efficiency. After all, people are wanting their garage doors to last longer and insulated their homes more efficiently so they can save money down the road. Most garage doors use the R-value scale to measure a garage door’s insulation. (The higher the R-value is, the greater the door’s insulation.) Because garage doors are usually the biggest entrance into a home, they have the potential to waste a lot of energy. That’s why you want to find an R-value higher than 10. 

Another value to consider is the U-value of a garage door, which measures heat flow. With this, look for a lower number, because that represents greater energy efficiency. For garage door materials, you want ones that will provide good insulation, as that will preserve energy for your home. Specifically:

  • Steel is used in sandwich garage doors with layers being backing steel, polyurethane insulation, and front steel. (This is our favorite choice for insulated garage doors.)
  • Another good material is vinyl, which usually has great thermal efficiency. 
  • Proper garage door installation and maintenance should include weatherstripping, which is sealing that will insulate your garage door and not allow air leakage along the door’s bottom. 
  • Windows can be a source of heat loss too, so if your garage door has windows, they need to be installed correctly in a way that won’t allow heat to leak out. 

Want More Information About Garage Door Trends?

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