Enhance Your Business With NEW LiftMaster Maxum Operators

Enhance Your Business With NEW LiftMaster Maxum Operators

Introducing the Industry’s Finest Commercial Overhead Door Operators

At Aaron Overhead Doors, we’re dedicated to equipping local businesses throughout the Metro Atlanta area with powerful overhead door operators to keep operations running smoothly and safely. We’re thrilled to introduce our valued Buford, Buckhead, and Milton, GA customers to the latest and greatest commercial door operators on the market: the NEW LiftMaster Maxum Operators! 

In this article, we’ll delve into the unique features and technological developments that make these products a must-have for any commercial overhead door system.

Stand-Out Features of the New LiftMaster Maxum Operators

LiftMaster has long been one of the most highly sought-after brands for commercial overhead door operators due to its commitment to ongoing innovation and high-performing products. Our Aaron Overhead Doors team has installed all types of LiftMaster commercial door operators, including light-, medium-, and industrial-duty operators, specialty operators, and fire door operators.  

LiftMaster has outdone itself with its latest series of commercial overhead door operators, and if you’re preparing to install or replace an existing operator, now is the perfect time to discover the features of the new LiftMaster Maxum series!

LiftMaster Maxum Operators Offer:

Fast Opening & Closing – Increase efficiency with overhead doors that open 33% faster than less powerful operators! LiftMaster Maxum Operators open commercial doors 12 inches per second. 

Soft Start and Stop – This feature increases the lifespan of your commercial overhead door system by decreasing wear and tear on the door and motor. Reduce the risk of needing commercial overhead door repair with LiftMaster Maxum Operators.

Improved WiFi Connectivity – LiftMaster’s myQ app is new and improved in these operators, with embedded WiFi connectivity from the start. Use the myQ Facility software to take your business to the next level with detailed data and analytics. 

Floor Level Wall Control – With the wall control panel at eye level, troubleshooting and receiving alerts and diagnostic reports is a breeze. Schedule preventative maintenance at the first sign of trouble to keep your commercial doors in tip-top shape! 

Easy Installation & Lightweight Design – The lightweight design of these commercial overhead door operators makes installation simple and straightforward, cutting down on the time and cost of upgrading your old operators! 

Powerful DC Motor – LiftMaster Maxum Operators boast powerful DC motors with various horsepower. If you’re unsure which operator will best meet your needs, contact our team, and we’ll inspect your commercial overhead door system and make recommendations based on your door size, weight, and daily use.

Quiet operation – Promote a more enjoyable working environment with quiet overhead doors. These LiftMaster Maxum operators are as quiet as they come, and your employees and customers will thank you for choosing a high-quality commercial overhead door operator that reduces noise!

Battery backup – Keep your overhead door running and prevent downtime with battery backup options that ensure automatic door function even during a power outage. 

Security+ 2.0 – This feature enhances security at your facility by eliminating radio wave interference. 

Additional Accessories – All LiftMaster Maxum Operators are compatible with the following accessories:

  • Hi-Intensity Red/Green Traffic Light
  • Monitored Light Curtain
  • Monitored Wireless Edge Kit
  • Plug-in Loop Detector

Choose From Three LiftMaster Maxum Operators

Whether you own a small shop or restaurant and need an operator to power a single commercial glass overhead door, or you own a warehouse and require heavy-duty operators that can meet the high demands of your business, LiftMaster Maxum Operators are an excellent choice. LiftMaster offers three operator types in the Maxum series. If you need help choosing the best operator to meet your needs, ask our team! We’re always happy to help. 

Upgrade Your Commercial Overhead Door Operator Today!

If your existing operator is old, outdated, lacking modern features, or slowing down your business, Aaron Overhead Doors is here to help with commercial overhead door operators that will take your business from good to great. Our expert installers can answer your questions about the new LiftMaster Maxum Operators or any other commercial automatic door operators you’re interested in. 

Check out our Specials and Flexible Financing options and book an appointment online to get started with your next commercial overhead door upgrade near Buford, Buckhead, and Milton, GA!