Top Glass Garage Doors 2023 - Best Guide to Glass Garage Doors

Top Glass Garage Doors 2023

There are many factors involved when choosing the best glass garage doors for 2023. As a national leader in glass garage doors, we feel we’re well-educated on most of the options available and can speak to the best quality. There are a few factors we will be addressing including quality, options, energy efficiency, price, and turnaround time.

Best Quality Glass Garage Doors

Arm-R-Lite Garage Doors

Arm-R-Lite has been in business since 1958. Arm-R-Lite Garage Doors are unique in the fact they come with a 20-year warranty on the frame. They are confident in offering great warranties because they use high-quality aluminum and weld the frame together instead of using rivets or screws. They also do an amazing job of distribution and customer service. Every overhead door they create is considered custom so size doesn’t matter. They can even do passthrough doors inside the garage door, swing-out windows, and much more. Most impressive of all, they boast one of the best lead times in the industry for a glass garage door. The only possible negative is the high price tag, but as the leading product, they are well worth the investment.

Arm-R-Lite Electra

Clopay Avante

Clopay comes as a close second for best quality. The Clopay Avante has long been a leader in the glass garage door industry. Clopay has done an amazing job of marketing directly to the consumer and they are a national brand. The Clopay Avante is a good door put together with screws. However, our issue with screws is that they tend to loosen over time, causing the frame to come apart and reducing the life of the door. But we still think Clopay glass garage doors are a great option if you don’t want to invest in an Arm-R-Lite door.

Clopay Avante Garage Doors

Best Available Options for Glass Garage Doors

Arm-R-Lite Garage Doors

They offer many options for frames and glass. They can do ADA compliant passthrough doors inside the garage door, swing-out windows, and much more. You can also choose from a wide range of colors via the RAL chart and a selection of anodized aluminum frames. On the rare occasion that you want to open your space with a glass garage door but are also concerned about acoustics, Arm-R-Lite has a solution to reduce sound and acoustics. Like the idea of glass but want to have the option to change the transparency? Arm-R-Lite has two options to choose from 1) blinds and 2) frosted or clear glass that changes on demand. There are no limitations on sizes under 22’ wide. Arm-R-Lite will even make a door for rare-sized openings. When it comes to options and customization, Arm-R-Lite really does have it all!

bifold windows

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Best Energy Efficiency for Garage Doors 

Arm-R-Lite Garage Doors

We know what you’re thinking…did they pay us to write this article? No, they did not! Arm-R-Lite just knows how to build a great glass garage door and they are ahead of the game when it comes to energy efficiency. No other company that we’re aware of offers a glass garage door that provides this much energy efficiency. It’s accomplished with urethane injected welded aluminum frames complemented with fully 1” insulated glass.

Arm-R-Lite Garage Doors

Best Price for Glass Garage Doors


Being that we’re in Atlanta and Alumadoor does not distribute here yet, we aren’t able to get an AlumaDoor in your home. However, they are planning to move into this area in the near future. They sent us samples and we’re impressed. They do a few things differently with the build of the door but all of them seem to be solid and reliable. AlumaDoor is out of California and we have friends who sell their products and are happy with the results. This may be the best value for the buck if you’re seeking a budget-friendly value option. We’re giving the best price glass garage door to Alumadoor. 

Best Turnaround Time for Glass Garage Doors

Arm-R-Lite Garage Doors

Yes, we know… Arm-R-Lite wins again! With lead times ranging from 4-8 weeks on most glass door options, it’s hard to beat, especially considering most others are 12-24 weeks. To have a welded aluminum glass garage door custom built by hand – in a short amount of time and with the highest quality – you can’t go wrong!

ArmRLite Fullview Black Glass Garage Door Atlanta

How We Chose the Best Glass Garage Doors of 2022

This article is based on first-hand experience. We’ve installed many products including the Raynor AV, Clopay Avante, Arm-R-Lite Titan and Electra, and the Amarr Vista. We’re also considered the leader in glass garage doors in the entire country. We install hundreds every year. 

If you’re interested in a glass garage door project and interested in hiring Aaron Overhead Doors in Atlanta (we travel), call or text us at 678-960-3360. Aaron Overhead Doors has two design centers, one being located in Buckhead Atlanta, and Milton GA.