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How To Open Up Your Entertainment Area in 2022

Summer is on its way! And that means it’s time to start thinking about all those summer parties you want to have. Nothing says summer like lounging around the pool with friends and family. But what if you don’t really have enough space to entertain? What if your outdoor area feels secluded from the house, making it awkward for everyone to go where they want? If that’s the case, then it might be time to invest in an outdoor living countertop door.

Don’t let the name throw you! Garage doors don’t have to be just for cars. These types of overhead doors function like roll up kitchen windows or bar countertop doors. Having one of these overhead doors installed at your house will create a whole new way to entertain, or simply be for you to enjoy.

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Benefits of Outdoor Living Garage Doors

There are a number of reasons why these overhead doors are great for your home. If you install one, it will:

  • Add to the beauty of your home
  • Liven up your patio space and enrich your entertainment area
  • Make your entertainment parties more exciting
  • Provide easier access between the kitchen and outdoors
  • Provide good insulation
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Whatever your reasoning is for installing one of these countertop doors, it will be well worth it!

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Different Types of Garage Doors to Open Up Outdoor Space

There are a number of styles and options to choose from when installing an outdoor living garage door. What you choose will largely depend on where you want the overhead door to go, how much room you have, and the styles you like.

Full-View Glass Countertop Door

This style works really well if you have a basement kitchen with tall roofs. Countertop doors are a very popular type of roll up kitchen window. This overhead door is an excellent way to connect your kitchen to an outside area. It can create a bar area outside where people can converse with those in the kitchen. Instead of those areas being separate, they’re now seamlessly combined. Plus, your outdoor space will look very stylish.

Countertop Glass Garage Door

Bifold Windows

Instead of rolling, this window folds open. These horizontal folding windows are perfect for when you don’t have a lot of ceiling space, but still want to open up your area. This is a great option for outdoor renovations and will allow everyone to interact across the area. This stylish window will be a huge hit!

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Gas Strut Windows

Another option to open up your outdoor living area is a type of window known as gas strut windows. Gas strut windows opens up and outward to give you additional space and a stylish design. This type of window creates a fun and unique look that also provides a lot of different functionality. These type of windows are easy to use, easy to maintain, and will help make your gatherings even more fun!

Activwall Gas Strut Window

Garage Door Screens

Another great option for livening up your entertainment area is to include a garage door screen. These screens have a ton of benefits, including:

  • Maintaining your privacy
  • Providing shade and cooling
  • Keeping pests out of your garage
  • Reducing heat glare from your driveway
  • Conserving energy to save money
  • Protecting outdoor furniture from sun fading
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As you can see, there are a lot of reasons to consider getting a garage door screen. Contact us today to get yours!

Get Started on Opening Up Your Outdoor Space

No matter what option you choose, your bar table area and outdoor living space will look amazing! Your guests will be able to interact and have a lot more room. Your outdoor space will be interesting and very stylish. Call Aaron Overhead Doors today to schedule an appointment and get a quote. You’ll soon be on your way to having an exciting entertainment area with your new countertop door!