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Why Is My Garage Door Noisy?

A high-quality garage door should have smooth and quiet operation year-round. But over time, your door and hardware will experience wear and tear that may lead to a noisy garage door. If your garage door is making excessive noise while opening and closing, it is a clear sign that there are some mechanical issues. 

Once you notice the noise, your first question may be, “Why is my garage door noisy?” Your garage door is made of many moving parts that all play a role in lifting and lowering it. This is why pinpointing the cause of your garage door noise is based on the type of noise being made. Here are the common noises damaged garage doors make, and the reasons behind them. 

Rattling Noises

We often hear customers complaining about their garage door making rattling noises. If your garage door has some years on it, then this rattling noise is most likely caused by loose nuts and bolts along the track. Tightening the loose nuts and screws usually resolves this issue. 

Another reason for an older garage door to make rattling noises is poor lubrication. The moving parts of your garage door need to be lubricated regularly or they will start making unpleasant sounds. Lubricating your springs, rollers, and hinges can prevent noise and protect your garage door against wear. 

If you have a new garage door (1-5 years old) and you are hearing rattling noises, then it may be a sign of an unbalanced garage door. This is usually caused by improper installation and should be addressed as soon as possible to avoid damaging your garage door further.

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Banging Noises 

There are three reasons why your garage door may be making banging noises. The first could be because of your garage door springs. If you have a broken torsion spring, then there is nothing to balance the weight of your garage door. This may cause banging or crashing noises when your garage door hits the floor. A broken torsion spring can be dangerous so it is important to schedule a garage door spring replacement as soon as you hear a banging noise from your door. 

Damaged panels are also a reason your garage door may be making banging noises. If your panels have deep dents, it could be preventing your garage door from making smooth transitions, resulting in banging noises. The solution to damaged panels is to have them replaced. 

The last reason for your garage door making banging noises is your door could be off track. This tends to be a simple fix but is important to address quickly because if your door is off track, it puts more strain on other parts of your garage door. 

Grinding Noises 

Grinding noises are one of the most common complaints we get about a noisy garage door. When someone says their garage door is making grinding noises, the first question we ask is, “When was the last time you had garage door maintenance?” When you skip garage door maintenance and tune-ups, it can create friction on your parts, resulting in grinding noises. 

If your garage door is making grinding noises, then you should start by lubricating all the moving parts of your door with garage door lube (NOT WD-40). Once your garage door is properly lubricated, check out your chain or belt to ensure it is at the correct tightening. After you complete lubrication and tightening, you need to schedule a garage door inspection with your local garage door company! 

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