Garage Door Safety Tip #1 From Garage Door Safety Month 2019 (June)

June is garage door safety month, and we’re determined to educate our community on all the ways you can stay safe around your garage door. This tip is super important because garage doors are the largest and heaviest moving parts of your home. As our most important piece of advice, allow the garage door to come to a complete stop prior to entering or exiting the garage.

We get calls all the time from homeowners who’ve hit their garage door accidentally. But in the event you do hit your garage door, don’t panic. Exit the vehicle and stay away from the door, especially if it’s out of the track. Call your local, trusted garage door dealer and have them come fix it for you. In some cases, it’s an easy fix, but there are occasions where we will have to replace sections or the entire door. Learn more in the video below!

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