Black Garage Doors Are Trendy
Black Carriage Garage Door

Are Black Garage Doors A Thing?


The Answer is YES.

Have you ever considered buying a black garage door? In recent years, we have noticed an uptake in people searching for black garage doors, especially around the Atlanta area. This is due to the recent trend of Mid-Century Modern and Contemporary styles in both exterior and interior home design. That is why it came as very little surprise to our company when we saw that more customers were interested in upgrading their home with a black garage door.

Contrary to what you may think when you first hear, “black garage door”, they are not as bold as they may seem. Although your first instinct may be to question if a black garage door would stand out too much, it is our experience that this is rarely true. Depending on the style of your home, black garage doors can give your home a more modern appearance. Instead of detracting from the architectural beauty of your home, they give it a contemporary, clean edge. But upgrading to a black garage door isn’t as simple as buying a can of paint. There are multiple styles and material options we will discuss below.

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Contemporary Black Garage Door

Black Garage Door Options

Steel Black Garage Doors

While painting your garage door may seem like a quick, affordable way to obtain a fresh new look, it’s not recommended. When you paint your garage door black, the paint can actually draw much more heat than what you bargained for. This makes them counterproductive to your energy costs. Also, since the color attracts more of the sun’s rays, black paint is prone to fading more quickly over time. For these reasons, picking up just any can of exterior paint from your local hardware store is not recommended when you want a black garage door.

There is, however, an answer to these problems if you want the upgraded, modern look of a black garage door for your home. Manufacturers like CHI, Amarr, Hormann, and more now offer energy efficient options for black garage doors. Finished with specialized paint, these black garage doors actually deflect much of the unwanted heat from your home. This means you get the curb appeal you want with the energy efficiency your home needs. Any style of sectional garage doors from traditional to modern can be finished with this specialized paint. Whether you want a daring contemporary upgrade for carriage house style doors or want to create a dark appearance for modern style doors, a black finish adds striking visual interest.

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Glass & Aluminum Black Garage Doors

Beyond a paint finish on a traditional or carriage house door, you can also choose a glass garage door. In fact, a black glass garage door is a stunning finish for a modern home. You can select this option in either black tinted infinity glass or clear glass with a black aluminum frame. Manufacturers like Arm-R-Lite and CHI offer multiple design options for black glass garage doors. This means you can personalize your new black glass doors to your home. Beyond excellent visuals, glass garage doors also add plenty of natural light to your garage with tinting options to maintain your privacy.

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As you can see, black garage doors have earned their popularity for their seamless and striking design. With so many style options available, you can also customize your new black doors to complement the exterior of your home. Also, because so many manufacturers have black door options, you can find a door that fits your price range. Click on each of the photos to learn more about the door itself and your potential design options. If you want to learn more about black garage doors or if you’re interested in having black doors installed on your home, contact us today at 678-960-3360.