Garage Door Entry Gadgets Ensure Safety

Garage Door Gadgets

After school, it’s common for teenagers and children to come home alone while parents are at work. If they come in through the garage door, there may be some accessories that can ensure their safety. We’ll take a look at some here.

Digital Wireless Keypads

Digital wireless keypads work like a garage door remote control. They are attached to the outside of the garage and protected by a plastic cover.  Parents can set a private code and give it only to their children to use when entering the garage. It allows children keyless entry, and they won’t have to worry about losing house keys. If your garage door is older, you can install a universal keypad.

Smartphone Apps

If you prefer not to have a visible keypad attached to your garage, you can use a smartphone to open your garage door. Gogogate2 is an app that serves as a garage door opener used with your iPhone, Android Smartphone, or any web browser. Homeowners purchase the Gogogate2 device, hook it up to their wireless connection, download the app, then start using it. Features include video monitoring (subscription required), temperature monitoring, and you can add up to three garage doors.

If you have a LiftMaster or Genie garage door opener, both of those brands also have options for remote opening. With LiftMaster, you can easily install and set up the myQ app on your smartphone. You can also either purchase a smart LiftMaster opener or add one of their gateways to your current opener system. If you prefer Genie products, their Aladdin Connect system is a reliable and affordable option. The same as LiftMaster, they offer smart openers or internet gateway additions to upgrade your current Genie opener. 

Other Options

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