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Gadgets For Your Garage

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Did you know you can buy a parking sensor to help you avoid a garage “fender bender?” Other gadgets for garage parking, door operation, security, and storage are also available and could be helpful to you. Affordable garage door safety accessories are a great way to prevent accidents and damage to your car or garage door. 

Let’s take a look at a few.

Garage Parking

I know I could all use some guidance when pulling into our garage. Between tools, sports equipment, and maybe even a freezer, it can be hard to tell how far (or close) you are to the wall! Here are a few gadgets to help with parking:

  • Striker Garage Parking Sensors – This uses ultrasonic technology with red, yellow, and green lights to help you park. It mounts to the wall and has lights that change color as you pull in and get closer. The lights change from green (slow down) to yellow (slow down more), to red (stop).
  • Park Zone PZ-1900 Platinum Dual Power Garage Parking Aid – This uses ultrasonic technology to determine how far your vehicle is from the wall. It’s smaller than the Striker, but functions similarly by using green, yellow, and red lights. If you need something smaller, this one’s for you. Note that there are various types during your research. 
  • Park Smart Parking Mat and Wall Guard – Made of brightly colored polyethylene, this mat is durable as well as oil and gasoline resistant. When you drive over the first bump, you’ll know it is time to stop. The wall guards mount directly on the wall to prevent you from scratching the door.
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Garage Operation and Security

Smartphone apps are great when you want to operate and monitor your garage door while not at home. Some even provide video monitoring while you’re away. Here are a couple that are compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones.

  • LiftMaster MyQ – The Chamberlain MyQ-Garage lets you monitor the status of your door, receive activity alerts, and open or close your door from anywhere. It works with most garage doors built after 1993, and requires mounting a WiFi hub close to the garage door controls. Cost for the app is free.
  • Gogogate2 – This app lets property managers share access to properties, sends alerts if the door is left open, provides real-time video monitoring by integrating a compatible IP camera to the app, and allows you to open or close your door from anywhere.  
  • Aladdin Connect – Genie’s Aladdin Connect system is a great way to upgrade the convenience of your current Genie garage door opener. It integrates well into an existing system and is also available in most Genie options for a new opener. 
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ismartgate Garage Door Security

Garage Storage

Storage has become an important part of garages so adding additional space here is important.

  • MyLIFTER – This device is installed on your garage ceiling, can lift up to 100 pounds, and uses a smart phone app to control it! It includes a safety feature that alerts you when you’re over 100 pounds. This is great for storing kayaks, bikes, 4-wheelers, and storage bins. There are various types that lift various weights and cost ranges.
  • Shelves and Hooks – The most traditional method of storing items in a garage remains consistent. Wire, wood, or plastic shelves vary in prices and sizes, but provide excellent storage and display everything in one place. Hooks can be used to hang kayaks, boats, bikes, yard equipment, skateboards, chairs, and more. Cost for shelves and hooks vary.

Aaron Overhead Doors does not endorse any of these companies, we just wanted to give you some ideas of helpful tools. Contact us if you want to learn more about garage door safety and convenience accessories!

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