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Ensuring Your Garage Door Security

Garage Door Safety

I don’t know about you, but after working all day, driving a long commute, and taking out the trash and dog, I don’t have time to worry about my garage door security. So, I have definitely left the garage door open all night. When I wake up and see it open, I always do a quick inventory of items to ensure that no one took anything overnight.

At other times, I’ve gotten halfway to work before remembering that I didn’t close the garage door. Instead of battling either of these issues, upgrade the safety and convenience of your garage door system with one of the below accessories.

I always try to remember to close my garage door because it has become a popular entryway for thieves looking for a quick grab of lawn equipment, tools, appliances, bikes, etc. However, there are many ways to ensure your garage door security and make sure this doesn’t happen to you. We’ll look at a few here.

Keychain Garage Door Opener

Consider buying a keychain remote garage door opener instead of leaving your clicker on the car visor. If someone steals your car or your opener breaks, a stranger is already halfway inside your home. But a keychain remote replaces the traditional wall button with a Smart Button, using rolling code technology to receive a signal from the remote that operates your garage door. It can sense when you open or close the door (and for how long), so if there’s been activity without your knowledge, you know it.

Here are a few options:

  • One-button Remotes – These remotes operate the door using one button and are for people who want a simple mechanism.
  • Two-button Remotes –  These remotes operate with two buttons to control gate access and/or two-door garage. Some include programmable security codes at a slightly higher price.
  • Multi-purpose Remotes – These remotes open, close, and lock the garage and operate the interior light.
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Garage Door Opener Apps

Now, this is cool – both Android and iPhone devices now have apps for operating your garage door!  One very inexpensive one, MyDoorOpener, uses the internet and your iPhone or Android phone to monitor and operate your garage door. It’s secured using an encrypted password scheme that’s updated with every operation. This method ensures that no one can hack into your garage with a previous used code.

Another app called iSmart Gate uses Siri and an iSmart Gate device to open your garage door, no internet needed. This is a great option if you don’t have internet in your home or don’t want to commit to a new smart garage door opener.

If you already have a LiftMaster or Genie opener, both of those brands have options for both smart openers and gateways. Through downloading LiftMaster’s myQ or Genie’s Aladdin Connect, you can get remote access and monitoring of your garage door.

Keep it Locked

Make sure you have a deadbolt lock installed on the door into your home to ensure your garage door security. This will provide extra security if someone does get into your garage. High-end deadbolts cost near $80, but you can get a quality one for about $20.

Other Options for Garage Door Security

Here are a few more ideas you might consider to secure your garage:

  • Choose frosted or etched glass for your garage door windows – This prevents potential thieves from seeing any valuables in your garage.
  • ALWAYS close your garage door at night – Make it part of your nighttime routine to check that your garage door is closed. The more barriers between you and any potential burglars or home invaders, the better.
  • Install a wide-angled peephole in the door from your house to the garage to use if you hear noises – This way, if you think someone may have entered your garage, you can be sure before entering the garage or calling the police.

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