Garage Door Operator Bracket - Helps Prevent Cracking
operator bracket

Garage Door Operator Bracket – Help Prevent Cracking

Aaron Overhead Doors is a big fan of the garage door operator bracket. We show up on jobs all day that have problems this little part could have solved. It’s inexpensive and helps prevent a lot of issues.

operator bracket

The purpose of a garage door operator bracket is to strengthen the connection between the garage door opener and the garage door. Many garages will use a nose piece in lieu of a garage door operator bracket. When the garage door moves, the nose piece takes on stress. It has to either pull or push on the garage door. Issues arise because nose pieces are constructed poorly. A lot of stress compiles on this small part, which can make it crack, bend, or snap. This can even cause splits to appear in the garage door panels, which is a more serious problem. This may lead to garage door panel replacement. Further issues can be caused when cracks appear in the panels, which may lead your garage door to halt operation.

To avoid these severe problems, we strongly recommend that you invest in a garage door operator bracket for your system. This is a thick bracket, about 21 inches long, that will distribute the stress accumulating through the garage door’s weight. It supports the entire top panel of the door, which helps prevent the door from splitting along the top panel. It doesn’t matter what type of garage door you have, or the garage door’s age. A garage door opener bracket can greatly help extend your garage door’s life and cause smoother operation. Garage door operator brackets are inexpensive, yet make a big difference in the life of your garage door.

Garage Door Operator Bracket Installation

Aaron Overhead Door offers opener bracket installation! If you’re unsure of whether your garage door has one or not, call us to come provide an inspection. It’s always beneficial for your garage door to have an annual inspection, where parts can be looked at and a door balance test can be performed. Give us a call today or make an appointment online! We’re happy to help with garage door opener bracket installation. This small part can make all the difference in the functionality and longevity of your garage door.