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How To Keep Your Garage Doors in the Best Shape

As the primary entrance to most American homes, garage doors have to work overtime to be reliable, convenient, and safe. However, no home system runs well without regular upkeep. To have your garage door running smoothly and safely for your home, we’ve put together a routine for how to keep your garage doors in the best shape. This guide provides maintenance tips for caring for your garage door from once a month to every five years. 

A Long-Term Routine to Keep Your Garage Doors in the Best Shape

Every Month

Look and Listen 

Once a month, pause in your garage as the door operates, looking and listening for abnormalities. Is your garage door especially loud? Do you notice grinding or screeching noises? Does your garage door have a jerky or slow operation? These are all signs that you might have an issue with your garage door system. Solving these issues quickly is best to avoid a garage door emergency. 

Check Remote and Keypad Batteries

Few things are more annoying than trying to open your garage door with the remote or keypad, only to realize the batteries are dead. To avoid this situation, check or replace the batteries in your garage door remotes and keypad once a month (or at least every three months).

Every 6 Months

Test the Safety Features

The photo eyes on either side of your garage door opening are an essential safety feature that prevents your garage door from injuring you or a family member. Testing this garage door safety feature every six months is important to keep your family and pets safe.

You can do this by hitting the button to close your garage door and then waving an object in front of the sensor on either side of the door. The garage door should automatically reverse upwards. If it does not, call a professional to restore the safety feature to the correct function. 

Check Your Door’s Balance

Your garage door operates on a counter-balance system to move up and down safely. When it’s unbalanced, your garage door parts have to work harder to lift the door, leading to faster wear and even broken parts. That’s why we recommend testing your garage door balance every six months. 

To test your garage door balance, close the door and pull the release handle to disengage the opener. Then, manually lift the garage door until it’s halfway open and release the door. If properly balanced, the door should not move more than a foot up or down after you release it. If the door does move drastically up or down, you need to call a professional to balance your door. 

Inspect Your Springs and Cables

Your springs and cables are two very important garage door parts that keep your door running smoothly and safely. We recommend visually inspecting them for wear, rust, or broken parts every six months. If you notice an issue, immediately schedule an appointment with a professional to prevent a disaster with your garage door system.

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Once a Year

Lubricate Your Garage Door Parts

Your garage door system has many moving parts, including rollers, hinges, springs, and cables. Over time and from cold weather, these metal parts stiffen and collect dust, so they need to be lubricated to restore smooth operation. Once or twice a year, apply a light coat of spray lubricate to your garage door parts, and then wipe off the excess. This helps prevent rust, reduces wear of your garage door parts, and makes your garage door operate more quietly.

Check Your Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping is the seal along the bottom of your garage door that helps seal your garage against harsh temperatures, moisture, and pests. Over months and years of use, weatherstripping tends to crack and lose its seal against the ground, meaning more cold weather and pests in your garage. That’s why we recommend replacing your garage door weatherstripping once a year. 

Schedule a Professional Inspection

Even with monthly upkeep, you can’t replace getting an expert eye on your garage door system. You should schedule a professional garage door inspection once a year so a qualified garage door repairman can access your system for issues and perform a full maintenance routine. This will have your garage door running more smoothly and quietly for years to come. 

Every 5 Years

Repaint Your Garage Doors

Over the years, moisture, harsh temperatures, and dust discolor your garage doors, leaving them faded and hurting your curb appeal. Every five years, we recommend thoroughly cleaning your garage doors and applying a fresh coat of paint to restore the look of your home.

Replace Any Rusted or Worn Down Parts

Your yearly inspection with a professional garage door repairman will help you stay on top of any rusted or worn-down parts. However, if there are parts you’ve delayed replacing or rust you should have removed, the five-year mark is a great time to do it. This will help extend the life of your entire garage door system, meaning you can enjoy it for many more years to come. 

Need a Little More Help with Your Garage Door System?

Aaron Overhead Doors would love to assist you if you’ve come to the one- or five-year mark and need help caring for your garage door system. We have years of experience helping homeowners in Buford, Milton, and Buckhead keep their garage doors in the best shape while making their homes look amazing. 

If you’d like to schedule an appointment for garage door maintenance near you or have questions about keeping your garage door in the best shape, contact us. Our friendly garage door repair professionals can frequently assist your home with same-day service!