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How to Upgrade Your Storefront Security

What Is a Door Security System?

A door security system includes any of the protective measures you have in place for your business to prevent theft and vandalism. From alarm systems to locks, you choose the methods for ensuring that your assets are protected at all times. However, recent times have made it more imperative that business owners do more to secure their property. That is why storefront security doors are an important investment to guarantee that your business front is not damaged. If you own a retail storefront, warehouse, manufacturing plant, restaurant, or any similar business, you need to look into your options for security garage doors. 

Especially if you have a glass storefront, your business is vulnerable to “smash and grab” vandalism. Even though glass doors and windows offer great product advertisement, they create an easy entry point that you have to defend. To seal off your glass front and close your store with confidence, invest in a roll down security garage door. As you can see in the two photos below, roll down security garage doors completely cover the glass entry of our customer’s business. Easily stored in the metal container above the door, this steel garage door can conveniently be rolled up and down every day.

How Effective Are Storefront Security Doors?

Storefront security doors are a very effective solution to protect your business. Although alarm systems are an important part of business security, they can only protect your business after the damage has been done. On the other hand, rolling steel security doors locked over your storefront prevent thieves or vandals from entering your property in the first place. These heavy steel doors locked to the ground present a practically impenetrable barrier, defending your assets during closing hours. 

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Benefits of a Roll Up Security Door

Protection – The most important reason to add a storefront security door to your business is added defense. Ensure a thorough shield against intruders instead of leaving your glass front or single door open to attack. With a thick steel garage door and secure locks protecting your property, you can feel confident at closing every night. 

Convenience – Upgrade both the security and convenience of your business with rolling steel doors. Manufacturers construct these doors for smooth operation from narrow steel sections that roll up into an overhead container. This ensures seamless operation for you and any of your employees. Simply roll up the door before opening it and secure it in the upright position for all-day ease. At the end of the day, pull the door to the ground and lock it in place. 

Energy Efficiency – Because a garage door security system covers your glass storefront, it will increase the energy efficiency of your business. Instead of letting hot or cold air move easily through your glass entry, rolling steel doors do more to insulate the opening. This means you have to pay less for rising heating and cooling costs during the summer and winter months. 

Design Versatility – The safety needs of many retail stores are unique so the size and functionality of security doors need to be unique as well. That is why manufacturers offer dozens of options from slated security grilles to rolling steel doors to countertop shutters. Whether you need exterior protection for a storefront or want to secure your interior business front, you can find the security solution for you. 

Other Suggestions to Upgrade Your Storefront Security

Beyond just investing in security garage doors, there is more you can do to upgrade your storefront’s security. First, install plenty of exterior lighting around the front and back entries of your business. This not only creates a safer environment for your employees but also deters potential invaders from blatant vandalism. Second, don’t forget about old-fashioned interior and exterior locks. Although your new rolling steel door will most likely be completed with an opener that features rolling code technology to deter hackers, nothing beats a solid lock. Lastly, don’t skip annual maintenance checks. After all, your security garage doors can’t protect your business if they aren’t operating properly. 

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