How a New Garage Door Helps You Sell Your Home - Resale Value

How to Make Your Home Marketable with a New Garage Door

Replace Your Old Garage Door With a New One!

Why try to sell your home with a 15 year old garage door? Some repairs and maintenance might have kept it going all these years, but a newly installed garage door would instantly revamp the face of your home, as if you’ve already moved!

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A new garage door can significantly alter the appearance of your house, and a garage door installation by a full-service garage door company like Aaron Overhead Doors would immediately raise your home’s value.

If you’re thinking of ways to make your home more marketable, you may not need to overextend yourself, or spend money where it’s not needed. A new garage door would solve some other potential issues you might be facing with your current garage door.

Here are the top reasons you should replace your old garage door with a new one:

1. Enhanced Curb Appeal

Like a fresh coat of paint does for a room or for the outside of your home, a new garage door instantly boosts curb appeal. A big change like switching out a traditional single-pane garage door, for instance, for a dark, modern garage door would have your neighbors think it’s a new house altogether. Buyers will think of your home as high-end with a new garage door installment. If you visit our past modern garage doors for reference, you can see the statement that it makes.

If you replace your garage door, a study done by Clopay determined that 70% of realtors said that they believed a new garage door helps sell a home faster. The largest residential door manufacturer partnered with an independent research firm, and had also put out that 80% of realtors said that the garage door impacts the home’s overall value. Plus, the study showed that a new garage door boosts a home’s resale value by 4% according to the survey done in 2018, and the listing price realtors assign to homes.

Selling your home will bring all types of buyers who are mainly looking for a home that is move-in ready. You will easily attract quality buyers with an aesthetically pleasing garage door. Since your garage door is the face of your home, saying that it makes a difference of how it looks with its surroundings is an overstatement.

Just like a new hair color would make a statement, a new garage door installation would certainly make a positive statement if you’re looking to sell your home. Get inspired, and visit all the types of custom garage doors Aaron Overhead Doors have installed here on our Gallery page.

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2. Better Energy Efficiency

If you’re selling your home, and interested buyers know you have a freshly installed garage door, it will translate to better energy efficiency. New insulated garage doors we also offer here at Aaron Overhead Doors, and it is a game changer for saving money.

Your heating and air won’t have to work so hard to keep your home comfortable, and your energy bills will reflect that with a new garage door. Just as it keeps intruders out, it will also keep the outdoor elements out as well.

3. Improve Security

New garage doors have higher-end technology features especially in the surveillance department. Our other blogs on Aaron Overhead Doors mention what the new garage door openers can do with their top notch security additions, but a new sturdy door also equals better security.

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There are more parts to a garage door than just the panels and windows you see from the outside. A lot of people don’t think about the individual mechanical parts needed to lift a garage door every cycle.

Your garage door is the heaviest door in your home! Depending on the building material you choose for your home, the heaviness of your garage door varies. Modern overhead doors are far more secure than older models, so a secure and sturdy garage door nonetheless will improve your overall home’s security 100%.

The Easiest Way to Make Your Home More Marketable is to Call Aaron Overhead Door!

There’s no question what a new garage door can do for a residential property. When you can see your garage door from the street, the door will pay for itself! We’re not investors, but you can bank on how much your home will sell with new garage door installation by Aaron Overhead Doors.

Aaron Overhead Doors can provide the new garage door replacement needed for the best and aesthetically improved garage door possible by our experts. We are located in Milton and Buford, and we cater to all of the surrounding areas for residential or commercial properties needing garage door repair or replacement.

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