Drove through Garage DoorKids are dressed and loaded, coffee’s in hand, and it’s dark and raining out.  You throw it in reverse, focused on dropping everyone off at their appropriate places and that cup of coffee, when, CRUNCH!!  Sounds like a ginormous piece of aluminum foil being balled up. You backed into the garage door.

Now what?

Usually, this means repairs are necessary, depending on how far the vehicle got. First, check your homeowner’s insurance policy to see if this type of damage is covered. If so, you can move forward with calling an expert technician who can help assess the damage. Most of the time, you’ll pay a deductible and the insurance pays for damages, however, if the deductible is more than repair costs, it might be best just to foot this bill yourself.  Costs vary, based on the size of garage, type of garage door, and how much damage occurred.

Whole door?

If necessary, you can replace the entire door, however, replacing sections is possible. If the door is 10 or 15 years old, a lot of times the doors are discontinued by the manufacturer. However, if you find one that isn’t discontinued, in some cases, it’s best to replace sections. Tracks can be easily bent back into place in most cases, and rollers and hinges should be replaced if damaged.

Fixing bent panels?

You want to know if you can “hammer out” the dents, if they’re not too bad? Not really but if you want to try, make sure to use a block of wood and a hammer. It’s usually only 25 gauge steel and hard to get dents out.

Fixing rollers, springs, etc.?

If the rollers, spring, motor, pulleys were damaged, in a lot of cases, the sections, hinges, and rollers need to be replaced. If the door was painted previously, you will probably need to repaint if you replace sections but in many cases there are about 8 different colors of garage doors you can pick from.


Costs depend on how far you drove through it and the type of garage door you have. If you have a traditional garage door with individual panels, the cost will probably be about $200-300 to replace individual panels. If your garage is older and no longer produced, you may consider replacing the entire garage door. If you do, think of how it will increase your home’s value, curb appeal, and overall safety. (See Life of a Garage Door for more information on replacement.)


How can I prevent driving through again? Slow down when leaving or entering the garage. Make sure it’s all the way up before entering or leaving. Always double-check to make sure it’s open.

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