Have you ever noticed a green, slippery mildew growing on your driveway during the summer? We actually had it growing on our garage door! Summer brings beautiful flora, but the hot temperatures and rain are the perfect ingredients for mildew and mold growth. What are some ways to keep your garage door clean during these hot, summer months? Here are a few suggestions.

1. Clean It

Obviously, the first way to maintain your garage door is to clean it thoroughly. Aaron Overhead Doors uses Purple Power Degreaser that can be purchased at an auto parts shop like Advanced Auto. Ryan Lucia, the owner of AOD, specifically suggests, “You can also use a hose to spray the front. As for the windows, use normal window cleaner or water and soap. It’s probably a good idea while you are doing this to also include cleaning off any debris on or around the safety eyes (the sensors near the bottom of door).”

HGTV suggests applying car wax to your garage door finish to repel dirt and moisture. They also suggest that the door should be wiped down with a soft cloth twice a year. This prevents damage, such as rusting, caused by dirt and debris that stick to the door. You could also use a mild detergent diluted with water.

Wooden garage doors require a slightly different cleaning process. Wood doesn’t handle weather conditions as well as steel, so sealing it from the sun is best. We suggest doing that by sanding, painting, and sealing the front of the garage door. Applying a coat of fresh paint every year can assure to maintain the life of your wooden garage door.

2. Summer Maintenance

Summer is a great time to have a garage door company come out and perform a tune up. It’s a great idea to do the following:

  • Check the bottom seal
  • Balance of the door (springs)
  • Lube and tighten moving parts (do not use WD40)
  • Apply grease (not spray) to the motor rail
  • Make proper adjustments to the garage door opener

3. Safety Check

It’s always a good idea to check the automatic door operators. These can cause serious injury if they are not maintained correctly. HGTV suggests testing the operator’s safety reverse mechanism once a month.¬†Doors equipped with automatic door operators can cause serious injury or death if not properly adjusted and operated.

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