Questions Before Hiring a Company For Garage Door Spring Repair

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Questions Before Hiring a Company For Garage Door Spring Repair

garage door spring repair

I’ll start by saying that garage door springs are in high demand at the time I’m writing this. However, we can cover that a little later. First, let’s discuss some basics. 

Garage door springs are the most common counterbalance system for garage doors. The garage door is the largest, heaviest moving appliance in your home. It’s also one of the most ignored when it comes to routine maintenance. Today we’re going to cover torsion springs, but you can research Wayne Dalton torque master springs and extension springs on our website. 

What types of garage door torsion springs are there? 

  1. Oil tempered (our favorite)
  2. Galvanized 
  3. Powder Coated

Oil tempered springs are typically going to be black in color. These are the long-term faithful and have held up over time. The galvanized garage door springs are going to look like metal or silver in color. Galvanized springs typically relax faster and break quicker than oil tempered. Powder-coated springs are a huge debate in the garage door industry. Technically there are processes that a powder-coated spring can go through that could potentially make it a bit stronger, but I don’t see it making a big enough difference to pay much more for it. There is one company that pushes powder-coated springs but I don’t see much benefit unless you’re worried about rust. However, if appearance is important to you then powder coated springs may be a great route to go. 

I need garage door spring repair. Can I get a heavy-duty spring for my garage door?

The simple answer is yes, but probably not the way you’re thinking. Garage door torsion springs are based on cycles. Most garage door springs that come with doors are rated for a minimum of 10,000 cycles. You’ve probably reached that if you’re searching for garage door spring repair and found this article. So, here’s the scoop, IPPT is the name of the game. My company, Aaron Overhead Doors, will weigh the door and use the Service Spring app to determine the springs needed for your garage door. The app also makes it easy for us to convert standard 10,000 cycle springs for what’s considered “high cycle”. High cycle torsion springs are anything rated 15k cycles or more. It’s a great idea to consult with a garage door repair professional about replacing your standard cycle springs with high cycle springs. 

How long does it take to replace a garage door spring?

This can vary depending on the skill level of your service professional and how quickly they work. Some are very skilled but work at a slower pace. The actual time from breaking the current system down to replacing it with a new spring can range between 20 minutes to 1 hour. There are many factors involved. 

Can garage door spring repair be done the same day?

Yes! Most reputable garage door companies will have a lot of variations of torsion springs on their trucks. This will allow them to replace the garage door springs the same day. 

How much does it cost to replace or repair my garage door springs?

This can vary by company. Typically, I’d say that garage door spring repair can be a very inexpensive venture. As of the beginning of 2022, our prices have doubled from December 2020. The reasons for this are due to price increases on springs (in some cases 5 – 6x) and shipping (3 – 5x). Garage door service professionals are hard to come by so to find great ones, you have to pay top dollar. You also need to consider the door and spring type. The heavier the door, the more expensive the springs. Some doors need up to four springs on their garage door.  

All of these things are considered when a garage door company is pricing out a spring job. We charge $450 – $600 on average, but there are variables that can change that. It’s also in your best interest to replace the bearing plates when replacing springs if you can afford it. Something else to consider is if the entire spring system is being converted to torsion. You may have the Wayne Dalton or extension spring system. In this case, most garage door repair companies will convert to the industry standard, torsion springs. This will cost more. 

Is replacing garage door springs dangerous? 

The short answer is YES! It is not uncommon for homeowners to call us after attempting to do it themselves and either do more damage to the door or get hurt. We’ve heard of situations where people have died attempting to replace their garage door springs themselves. It is not advised for untrained people to attempt to replace the torsion springs on your garage door. 

What size spring do I need for my garage door?

We mentioned the Service Spring app above. This app will assist you in figuring this out. However, if you are sure you have the correct springs on your door now, you can get three measurements, inside diameter, gauge of wire, and length. These measurements are important and if any of them are wrong it could result in your door being unsafe to operate. Alternatively, you can weigh your door after removing all tension to get the final weight and enter all the details into the Service Spring app to get the exact spring sizes needed.

Can you install mismatched springs on a garage door?

Yes, you can install mismatched springs on a garage door. As long as they are torsion springs and they come out to the same IPPT as needed. In most cases, we believe you should stay within 1 to 2 wire sizes up or down. 

If you’re in need of garage door spring repair, our certified service professionals are here to assist. Contact us at 678-960-3360.