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High Lift Garage Door Suwanee GA

Commercial Vertical Lift Tracks

Project Description

High lift track on a garage door allows the door to up higher before it turns into the radius and horizontal. This was a complicated garage door install. We were given the task of installing a garage door and having it go up as high as possible. However, the ceiling was pitched instead of flat, and we also had to work around a window near the springs. We could have offset the springs a little, but the springs were long due to the weight of the garage door. After a long day, this garage door was installed to perfection by our talented garage door installers. 

We installed the door and tracks but we also convert doors from a standard track to high lift. To convert a garage door to high lift track, it’s required to change track, springs, cables, drums, bearing plates, motor, and in some cases we will need a new torsion tube. 

The motor installed was a LiftMaster 8500w. Installed this high lift track and door in Suwanee, GA. The reason we installed the LiftMaster 8500w was that it’s a side mount motor. It rotates the torsion tube instead of pulling back on the door with a trolley rail. The way the tracks are set up, the door needs to go up then back and the side mount opener allows that. A trolley opener would put a lot of stress on the top section possibly damaging the door.