Full-View Glass Garage Doors at Road Atlanta | Braselton GA

Glass Garage Doors at Road Atlanta Braselton GA

Project Description

Our client had a small amount of time to get the doors ordered and installed. These glass garage doors were installed on the Paddock Grill restaurant in Braselton, GA. The doors are from Arm-R-Lite, customized so that the track for one of the doors in the corner could clear the other. These doors are clear tempered glass with dark anodized frame and a 20-year structural warranty. The goal was to give the restaurant the feel of an old auto repair shop while also allowing for more space on nice days. We installed a total of seven garage doors.

Door: Arm-R-Lite Titan
Frame: Dark Anodized
Glass: Clear Tempered
City: Braselton GA

Why Invest In A Glass Garage Door?

When choosing a new garage door, you have lots of materials available. The most common garage door materials include steel, aluminum, fiberglass, glass, wood, and faux wood. While all of these materials come with customization options and many benefits, glass garage doors stand out. The look of glass gives an edge of sophistication and elegance.

Natural Light

A feature that other garage door materials don’t offer is natural light. With full-view glass garage doors, natural light will stream into your garage space. This can be especially beneficial if you use your garage for a gym or personal space. If you desire privacy, there are glass types that will offer it, such as tinted and frosted glass. There are even darker finishes that will give you the privacy you desire.


Full-view glass garage doors are built with durability in mind. The blend of full-view glass and aluminum frames gives a sturdy construction you can count on. If you desire extra durability, heavy-duty glass is available and there is even security glass, which is built to withstand forceful winds. Full-view glass garage doors also require low maintenance. You can use a normal glass cleaner to keep the garage door clean and schedule garage door tune ups annually.

Energy Efficiency

Many homeowners look for garage doors that are energy efficient. With full-view glass, you’ll find great energy efficiency that will help with temperature and noise control. Full-view glass typically comes insulated, which gives a higher R-value.

We Install Glass Garage Doors!

Are you wanting a full-view glass garage door installed at your residential or commercial property? Aaron Overhead Doors is the team for the job! With extensive experience working on full-view glass garage door installations, we know how to do the best job.