Modern Black Garage Door Buford GA

Modern Black Garage Door Installation Buford GA

Modern Black Clopay Garage Doors

This modern home was being built in Buford GA. The homeowner wanted full-view glass garage door but with increasing building supply prices the client asked if we had a more affordable option that would complement his home. We offered these modern black flush panel garage doors and he loves them! In total, we installed six garage doors. We did three in the detached garage, two in the main house garage, and one in the basement. The basement garage door was slightly different in texture and less expensive as we just went with a two-layer insulated door in the basement. The five doors upstairs are all three-layer insulated construction.

The detached garage has vaulted ceilings with a roof pitch. We had a challenge because the client placed two very large doors in a corner. We got creative and extended the track beyond the other door and braced it to be sturdy enough for the weight of the garage doors.

We complemented these modern black doors with LiftMaster 8500W side-mount garage door openers. LiftMaster 8500w is mounted on the side of the garage door and creates a very clean look but also allows for highlight and roof pitch track. The purpose of this would be to take the garage door closer to the ceiling for a clean and neat look.

Modern homes in Buford are trending pretty hard. Prior to 2020, you didn’t see many modern homes in downtown Buford. The trend started with a builder named Jeff Rolader who built a modern home on Cloud St in downtown historic Buford. We did similar doors to this one on that home. It was an 18×8 black modern flush panel garage door with windows down the side and a side mount opener.

Later Jeff built a super modern home on South Alexander and we installed a full-view glass garage door on it as well. You can find that project in our gallery as well.

This project is the third modern garage door job we’ve done in the city of Buford.

Door Brand: Clopay

Door Model Modern Flush

Door Color Black

Door Style Modern

Opener Brand LiftMaster

Opener Model 8500W