Modern Black Glass Garage Door Buford GA

Modern Black Glass Garage Door Installation Buford GA

Modern Black Glass ArmRLite Garage Doors

The builder of this custom home was Jeff Rolader. This was our second project for him. He wanted a garage door that was a statement piece. This home on South Alexandar in downtown Buford had a lot of very special personal touches but the glass door really provided some depth and broke up some of the darker features on the front of the house. The builder was undecided about which glass option to go with. We explored clear, tinted, and frosted. We advised him because he didn’t have a homeowner for the home yet to go with clear. We’ve had tint and frost added to windows for clients and that worked well for us. Clients have different likes and needs. This homeowner decided to stick with clear and saved some money along the way.

This door was manufactured by ArmRLite out of New Jersey. ArmRLite is special in the fact they build the best glass garage in the industry. The company is women owned and lead. They are known for thier excellent customer service and quality control. Their doors have the best warranty in the industry as well guaranteeing their door frames for 20 years. The frames are made of welded aluminum and this home got 1/8″ clear glass. Glass garage doors have grown in popularity.

Are Glass Garage Doors Safe?

Lean about safety with glass garage doors.

  • Homeowners commonly voice concerns about glass garage doors and safety. This is a valid concern. One of the biggest challenges with clear glass is that people can see when you’re cars are not in the garage. This may give someone the confidence to break in. If this is a real concern I would suggest having the glass tinted or frosted to prevent people from being able to see in.
  • Breaking the window is another common concern. We commonly compare glass garage doors to windows on your home. The garage door is a moving wall with glass in it. Windows and glass garage doors offer about the same amout of security but most garages have a second door that can lock going into the home. This suggest most people would want to go through a window rather than the garage door.
  • Going a little further on breaking glass. It’s possible that you or a child could be pushed into the door and it breaks. This is why it’s extremely important that you choose tempered glass over DSB. Tempered glass shatters and is much more safe than DSB. If you’ve ever seen a car window break, that is tempered glass and it’s considered much safer than DSB. You’ll want to clarify that you’re getting tempered glass garage doors.

Door Brand: ArmRLite

Door Model Titan

Door Color Anodized Black Aluminum

Opener Brand: Genie

Opener Model 6170