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Black Modern Glass Garage Door Dacula

Project Description

This client was building a new house and had specs from the architect. The plans called for an Amarr Vista glass garage door. Because of our relationships with every manufacturer in the industry, we were able to provide the glass garage door they wanted.

Dacula is a suburb of Atlanta and is located in Gwinnett County. Dacula historically isn’t an area you’ll find modern homes. Because of our reputation with high-end garage doors including glass garage doors, this client was bought into working with us after meeting our new door design consultant and hearing about our certified glass garage door installers.

Why Invest in a Glass Garage Door?

Mold and Rot Resistant

Glass garage doors are mold and rot resistant, which means they’ll require less maintenance. This is a beneficial feature that not all garage doors have, such as wood doors, which are highly susceptible to mold and rot. Garage doors like this won’t do well in humid, hot environments, and require heavy maintenance each year.

Filters Natural Light

One of the best features of glass garage doors is their ability to filter natural light into the garage. If you are using your garage as a workspace, this is a great way to add more light into the room. With glass, you can choose between different types and finishes, which will determine your level of privacy. If you desire more privacy, you may want to choose frosted or tinted glass. You could also put a dark finish on top of the glass, which will make it harder to see inside.

Energy Efficient

Glass garage doors are energy-efficient and come with the ability to block harmful UV rays. They can be insulated, which we always recommend. Insulation helps with temperature and noise control, as well as protecting your glass garage door. Insulation typically comes in the form of polystyrene or polyurethane.

Low Maintenance

Glass garage doors only require the normal amount of maintenance. Every year, you should schedule an annual inspection from your garage door company. During a garage door tune up, your glass garage door will be thoroughly inspected. All parts will be cleaned, lubricated, and tightened. A door balance test will also be done. Glass can be cleaned with a normal glass cleaner, and that should keep it looking beautiful.


Glass garage doors are typically paired with aluminum frames with premium durability. If you desire a stronger glass, there are safety glasses available. These are built to withstand strong winds. If you live in an area prone to tropical storms, this might be something you want to invest in.

Glass Garage Door Installation

If you’re searching for glass garage door installation, we’re the team for you. Our service professionals are well-trained in handling glass garage door projects. We handle glass garage door installation with thorough attention to detail and precision. With each project, our number one priority is your satisfaction. We focus on excellent customer service so that you have a wonderful experience with us. Contact us today to learn more information!

If you’re interested in a free quote for a new glass garage door, contact us at 678-960-3360.