Hormann Flexon SR5500L High Cycle Door, Springless Parking Deck Door Atlanta

Hormann Flexon SR5500L High Cycle Springless Parking Deck Door Atlanta

Project Description

We installed a Rolling Steel Springless High Cycle Door for a parking garage in Atlanta. A client reached out to get a bid on a rolling steel high-speed door for their parking deck. The door they were inquiring about wasn’t the best fit so we suggested the Hormann Flexon SR5500L Rolling Steel Springless High Cycle Door For their Parking Garage. The reason this was a great suggestion was after speaking with the client’s needs, this door met more of the criteria than the door they originally wanted. The great part about this door is that it’s significantly less to own than the door they thought they wanted.  

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Why Invest in a High Cycle Commercial Door?

High cycle doors are popular commercial doors because of their construction and durability. They can help increase productivity in your business, saving you time and money. High cycle doors are designed to withstand closing and opening up to 25 times more in one day. They are built with heavy-duty garage door springs, with many models having a barrel and spring construction. This means that a barrel holds the rolling mechanism while springs carry the tension from the garage door’s weight. Many businesses that use high cycle doors include manufacturing, transportation, and distribution. High cycle doors are more reliable than traditional commercial doors and work more efficiently. They are built for performance, speed, and efficiency. They’re also easy to clean and come with low maintenance.

It’s important that you do schedule annual maintenance with your high cycle door. A trusted door technician can determine if there are any issues within your high cycle door during this time. Springs can generally last about 50,000 cycles before spring replacement is needed.

High Cycle Door Installation Near You

Aaron Overhead Doors has a wonderful team ready to help with your high cycle door installation. This type of commercial door can greatly benefit your commercial business and help improve efficiency. Contact us today or make an appointment online!