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Pops Coffee Glass Garage Door Atlanta

Project Description

Because of our reputation with glass garage doors, the contractor for Pops Coffee reached out inquiring about a glass garage door for his coffee shop project. After working with him, the biggest challenge we had was lead times due to covid. We were able to meet the deadline and install this beautiful glass garage door for Pops Coffee in Atlanta GA

This door was manufactured by ArmRLite and has a black anodized welded frame, tempered glass, and a standard track. 

Why Invest In A Glass Garage Door?

If you’re searching for a new commercial door, there are many materials you’ll be able to choose from. Popular choices include steel, glass, wood, aluminum, and fiberglass. Of all these materials, glass stands out the most. With its full view panels and features, it gives off a sleek and sophisticated look. For your commercial business, an investment in a beautiful garage door could make all the difference. First impressions matter; customers will judge whether or not to give you their business before they enter the building.

Glass Door Features

Mold and Rot Resistant

A garage door’s ability to withstand mold and rot is important, given that they’re outside, exposed to weather time and time again. Some garage doors require heavy maintenance, especially if they’re susceptible to mold and rot. One example is wood garage doors, which can warp due to contact with water. This means that they don’t do well in certain climates, such as on the coast, where heavy humidity is common. With glass garage doors, you don’t have to worry about the location.

Natural Light

One of the best features of glass garage doors is their ability to highlight natural light. If you have a commercial space, glass garage doors can allow natural light to stream into the building, causing the space to feel open and bright. If you desire more privacy, you can add a darker finish to the glass, or choose a tinted or frosted glass.

Energy Efficiency

Many homeowners value energy efficiency and how features of the home can help save money and work better for the environment. Glass garage doors are energy efficient because of their ability to regulate temperature and noise. They can also be insulated, which will contribute to better efficiency, and give the garage door a higher R-value. We recommend that you insulate your garage door, as it will help protect the door and add to its longevity.

Low Maintenance

If you want a garage door that’s low maintenance, glass garage doors are great options. It will be important that you schedule annual maintenance tune ups so that your garage door can be inspected. In addition to this, you can clean your glass garage door with a normal glass cleaner to keep it looking beautiful.


You may think that glass is a more fragile material, thus contributing to a fragile garage door. Actually, glass can be constructed with premium durability to be shatter-resistant. Glass garage doors are typically paired with aluminum frames as well, which makes the garage door sturdy. This combination will ensure your glass garage door is strong and durable.

Glass Garage Door Installation

If you’re interested in a glass garage door for your coffee shop, residential or commercial building, let us know! Our team provides wonderful garage door installation and can help with your project. If you want to transform your commercial building, call or text 678-960-3360.