Modern Real Wood Plank Garage Door Atlanta GA | Western Red Cedar Garage Door From Ranch House Doors

Modern Real Wood Plank Garage Door Atlanta GA

Project Description

Aaron Overhead Doors was contacted by this homeowner who had grown frustrated in her search for a garage door company to provide a quote for what she wanted. Her request was pretty simple. She wanted a real wood plank garage door that she could stain the color she wanted. We knew exactly what to offer. After measuring the garage which provided some changes, we found a game plan for this difficult install and got a quote on a Ranch House custom wood door

After providing the quote, the customer agreed and the project began. After about 4 weeks of production, the door was shipped to our warehouse. We inspected the door and then scheduled the install. Once installed, it was raw wood but you could tell it was going to look amazing once stained. The customer stained the door herself. 

Customer comment: “My garage door looks and works great.”