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LiftMaster 87504 Garage Door Opener


Price: $730
  • Bright halo LED overhead light with 2,000 lumens
  • Adjustable Camera
  • 7′ Belt drive system and DC motor for quiet operation including soft start and stop
  • MyQ smartphone control through built-in WiFi W/ Amazon Key Integration
  • Dynamic rolling codes to secure your garage after every open and close
  • Battery Backup to operate your opener even in a power outage
  • Comes with 2 remotes & keypad
  • $40 Extra for 8-foot doors
  • Does Not Include Labor


About the LiftMaster 87504

Protect your home and operate with the best in modern convenience and quiet operation with the LiftMaster 87504 garage door opener. This opener is the brightest from the LiftMaster line with 2,000 lumens of LED overhead halo light. This illuminates every corner of your garage, allowing you to use the space confidently. This light is embedded in the trolley-operated, belt drive opener. The belt drive operates on an overhead heavy-duty T-rail for maximum lifting power. However, since the drive has a rubber belt instead of a metal chain, it maintains a quiet operation with a limited lifetime warranty. This is because the rubber creates minimal vibrations and the opener boasts a DC motor with a soft start/stop mechanism. Because of these features, the 87504 will brightly illuminate your garage space, but never disturb your home with noisy opener operation.

MyQ smartphone control also comes standard through the free LiftMaster/Chamberlain MyQ app. This allows you to access and control your garage door opener from anywhere, even keeping a log of activity. With this surveillance ability, you can monitor the security of your garage at all times. LiftMaster has also partnered with Amazon for an Amazon Key integration. This allows Amazon drivers the ability to slide the package into the garage. If you’d like to watch that exchange, you can open the app and watch from the camera. This means never worrying about if you left open the garage door open and always having the power to close it remotely. Never get stuck outside again during a storm, the backup battery will give you peace of mind knowing you can still enter through the garage when the power is out. Overall, the 87504 offers the best in both safety and convenience to upgrade your entire garage door system.

The LiftMaster 87504 is a high-functioning belt drive opener, built with excellent features that allow for convenience and safety. The night lens auto-adjusts to light levels, which illuminates the inside of your garage. You can also view live-streaming from your garage anytime, which is an incredible safety feature. The myQ Video Storage Subscription allows you to record and save videos for 7-30 days. This garage door opener offers 2-way audio, where you can communicate between your garage and smartphone. The video camera can be tilted and rotated 350 degrees so that you can see everything inside the garage.

What’s Included?

  • 3 Button Visor Remote Control
  • Wireless Keyless Entry System
  • Garage Door Opener Battery
  • Smart Control Panel


  • Warranty

    Accessory Warranty: 1 year

    Belt Warranty: Lifetime

    Motor Warranty: Lifetime

    Parts Warranty: 5 years

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