Modern Cedar Plank CHI Accent Series Garage Door Atlanta GA

Modern Cedar Plank Accent Series Garage Door Atlanta GA

Project Description

This project was pretty simple and straightforward. Our client found us while looking for a reputable door company with the door they wanted and excellent customer service. This is a CHI Accent Series Plank garage door in Cedar. CHI Overhead Door makes this door different than other manufacturers because they print the design on the door rather than painting it on. Most garage doors designed to look like wood are very repetitive and resemble a wood look but don’t actually look like wood. This is one of our favorite garage doors and we install them a lot because of the demand for modern style garage doors in the Atlanta market. 

Color Options

With CHI, you are always presented with multiple color choices. This is great for homeowners who want to match their plank garage door to their home’s exterior. If you want your garage door to stand out, you may choose a darker, bolder color. Here are the color options within the CHI Accent Series Plank Garage Doors:

  • White
  • Almond
  • Sandstone
  • Brown
  • Bronze
  • Gray
  • Desert Tan
  • Graphite
  • Black

Accent Wood Options

These wood tones allow your garage door to give off a woodgrain look. This will give the handcrafted, beautiful look of wood, without the high maintenance and high price tag. This is actually a steel door that will have an accent wood tone, which allows you to have the strength and durability of steel, with the look of natural wood. Here are your options for accent wood:

  • Walnut
  • Driftwood
  • Mahogany
  • Cedar
  • Dark Wood
  • Natural Oak
  • Carbon Oak

Glass Options

When you choose your glass type, you’ll want to consider how much privacy you’d like. Different glass finishes will offer various levels of privacy. Here are the glass choices you’ll be able to choose between:

  • Plain
  • Frosted
  • Tinted
  • Glue Chip
  • Obscure
  • Seeded

Window Options

The CHI accent series comes in 3 window types:

  • Short (19.25in. by 12.75in.)
  • Long (40.5in. by 12.75in.)
  • Oversized (42in. by 15in.)


CHI’s models in this series are 2327, 2347, 2357, 2328, 2348, and 2358. Their sections come with various constructions and insulation. Insulation is either polystyrene and polyurethane. The CHI accent series does have varying R values, with some being higher and having better energy efficiency.

New Door Installation Near You

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You can find more information regarding the CHI Accent Series garage doors by clicking the link below. 

Modern Accent Series Plank Garage Doors